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Jan 302017

Los Angeles Against Travel Ban

President Trump’s executive order on immigration which bans the entrance to the United States by travelers from majority-Muslim countries of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 120 days has caused a wave of unrests throughout the country. Protests have erupted at all major airports. Americans are outraged. A Federal Judge in New York blocked a part of the executive order. Several city mayors addressed the crowds in support of fair treatment of Muslims. Thousands of attorneys are exploring the executive order’s compliance with the law (and the Constitution!). American actors during last night’s SAG Awards have spoken against the discriminatory travel ban.

Shockingly the countries from which the 9/11 terrorists have come (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon) are NOT on the banned, Muslim countries’ list.

A few glimpses we gathered from TV news:

  • An older Jewish gentleman said: “Every time I hear Muslim, I hear Jew” (a reference to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany).
  • A 5 year old boy from Iran was detained at a Houston airport for 4 hours before being reunited with his mother. Clearly, a story of successful extreme vetting of “Islamic terrorist”.
  • A Muslim immigrant from the Middle East waiting at the airport for 24 hours for the arrival of his aunt who has been detained put it best, in spite of his poor English. Having explained that he came to America as a refugee, received political asylum and became a citizen since, said: “I came here for freedom. I EXPECT FREEDOM.”

Los Angeles city leaders have taken a position on the travel ban and religious discrimination, too.


MAYOR GARCETTI: “Los Angeles Will Always Be a Place of Refuge”

“Los Angeles will always be a place of refuge, where the most vulnerable people fleeing war, or religious or political oppression, can find a safe and welcoming home. Congress outlawed the banning of immigrants by nationality more than 50 years ago, because we have long known that it does not make us safer. It only fans the flames of hatred that those who wish us harm seek to spread.

I am closely monitoring the situation at LAX and staying in close touch with locally based officials in the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and other partner agencies.

I understand that some Angelenos are planning to express their support for immigrants by demonstrating at the airport. There is power in standing strong for our values — but we must remain calm, and act lawfully and peacefully so LAX can continue to operate smoothly and our passengers stay safe. My commitment is to do everything in my power to make certain that any travelers entering our city have the resources and support they need to feel secure and accepted in L.A.”


Statement from Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer on the Detainee Situation at LAX

“I went to LAX last night because I wanted to secure the release of the detainees. I also wanted very direct answers to basic questions:

  • Was the federal government complying with a court order that prevented it from deporting people in this situation?
  • How many people were being detained?

It was a very frustrating and complex night because federal officials were unable and unwilling to provide any information. I was there for hours last night. Since that time, I’ve been working with lawyers, not only in my office but throughout the country to get a focus on what’s happening, and to determine how best to stand up for the values on which this country is based.

This is an extraordinary thing. It’s at a US airport. It’s an airport in our city. There’s been a lot of action since last night. Courts around the country have issued orders. The question last night was could the federal authorities remove someone who had landed. The answer from one court was no. Today, two more courts said no. And another court said you can’t detain people in this situation either. So today we’ve been focused on assuring those that have been detained at LAX, I believe unlawfully, are released. And more to come as we try to figure out in this country, at this key moment, do we stand up for the basic liberties that make this country distinctive.

On the one hand, the sweep of this order is outrageous. Secondly, it was timed to be released right before the weekend. Third, officials at the airport were clearly confused and lacking direction from the federal government in Washington on what to do. So for those who are saying this is a minor inconvenience don’t understand the facts on the ground

The order itself is far too sweeping and the implementation has been unconstitutional, in my view. People in this country – we’re talking about lawful permanent residents who are returning to this country or coming here for the first time to be united with family. They have rights! They were lawfully granted authority to come to this country and now that authority has been blocked. Here in Los Angeles, we stand up for uniting families. We stand up for giving people their basic rights. We need to prevent this from having a further negative effect on our community.

I believe this order will not stand. I believe this implementation will not be allowed to move forward. There are courts around the country poised to handle

There are some very serious concerns to be taken into account:

  • Are people of each religion being treated equally? Members of the Muslim community are being treated differently than people that are Christian or Jewish or others. And that’s not appropriate in my view.
  • Second, people have basic due process rights to have their causes heard. They aren’t able to be detained for no reason.

There are multiple reasons based on equal protection clause of the Constitution, the First Amendment, the due process clause that I think call into serious question the legality of this order.”


LATEST UPDATE: On Monday 01/30/17 an attack on a mosque in Quebec killed 6 and injured 20, five are in critical condition. Clearly, extremists approve of President Trump’s treatment of Muslims and the travel ban. Terrorists are likely to retaliate.

Americans are urging President Trump to study American history and the American Constitution. Most of his actions so far threaten the founding principles of our Country….

Vatican issued an appeal asking Christians and Muslims to unite in prayer.




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