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Sep 142014

Andy Warhol Shadows
MOCA Grand Ave In Los Angeles
September 20, 2014–February 2, 2015

Andy Warhol Shadows

Image credit: Andy Warhol, Shadows (1978–79). Dia Art Foundation. © 2014 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo credit: Bill Jacobson Studio, New York.

The exhibition / installation will feature 102-part series of silkscreened canvases which the artist conceived as one work in multiple parts. Andy Warhol’s Shadows emphasizes his fascination with repetition.

In 1978-79 Andy Warhol produced Shadows, a monumental painting in 102 parts. Conceived as one work, Warhol’s exceptional series of variously silkscreened and hand painted canvases features two different compositions, ranging in hue from an electric green to a somber brown.

In Shadows, Warhol extended his long-standing interest in seriality and repetition beyond the cultural icons and commodity forms that often populate his art. He once referred to the paintings as “disco décor,” a nod to the works’ moody, environmental, and propulsive qualities, as well as his well-documented familiarity with Studio 54. Shadows follows upon Warhol’s experiments with abstraction from the previous year, in works such as the Oxidation, Rorschach, and Camouflage paintings, it remains one of his most mysterious works, seemingly empty and full, fast and slow, light and dark at the same time.

Shadows was first exhibited in January 1979 at Heiner Friedrich, Inc. in New York. The original installation featured a total of 83 panels, 67 exhibited publicly and 16 shown in the gallery’s private back room. Each measuring 76 x 52 inches, installed edge to edge and close to the floor, the final number of panels presented is always determined by the dimensions of an exhibition space. MOCA’s exhibition marks the first West Coast presentation of Shadows.