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Apr 062017

California District Attorneys Against ICE Arrests At California Courthouses

In a letter signed by twelve California City and County Attorneys, elected officials responsible for keeping California’s communities safe are asking Attorney General Sessions and Secretary Kelly to stop ICE immigration enforcement arrests in and around California courthouses

California City and County Attorneys explain in their letter how immigrants’ fear of detention and / or deportation makes the work of California’s judicial system difficult and our communities less safe. In light of the recent ICE courthouse arrests, illegal immigrants avoid courthouses whether they are victims of or witnesses to crime.

As a result, crimes against immigrants can’t be prosecuted. (In many instances, crime victims are too fearful to report their victimization in the first place!) Worse, criminal cases in which witness testimony is the only way of securing convictions of hardened and dangerous criminals have to be dismissed and the criminals released back into the community free to perpetrate more crimes.

Immigrants – both documented and illegal – are an integral part of California as well as California’s justice system which relies on participation of all residents regardless of their immigration status. Hopefully Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly can appreciate the predicament of California’s City and County Attorneys who – due to the federal government’s intrusion, in form of ICE immigration enforcement arrests in and around California courthouses – are no longer able to fulfill the duties of the offices for which they’ve been elected.

ICE arrests at California’s courthouses aren’t a threat to illegal immigrants only, they put ALL Californians at risk.




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