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Jan 192018

Californian Values Stand


After Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s lengthy hiatus:

Disasters Strike California

Southern California was ravaged by catastrophic fires and most recently, equally catastrophic flash flooding in Montecito. There was – and is! – so much loss, pain and suffering… We hurt with you and for Montecito.
In the midst of the tragedy, it was impossible not to notice the bravery and determination of California’s firefighters or the impressive human compassion and solidarity of the Montecito community.


Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer’s Office Honored

L.A. City Attorney Mike Fuer Accepts Hodson Award

City Attorney Mike Feuer accepts Hodson Award from Pauline Weaver, Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division Chair, for the American Bar Association

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer’s Office has been recognized as 2017 Outstanding Public Sector Law Office by the American Bar Association and became the first City Attorney’s Office in the Nation to receive the prestigious Hodson Award.

The Hodson Award, named in honor of the distinguished public service career of the late Major General Kenneth J. Hodson, a former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Army, recognizes sustained, outstanding performance or a specific and extraordinary service by a government or public sector law office.

At the ABA’s General E. E. Anderson Awards reception in New York City, Pauline Weaver, Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division Chair, said, “We are so pleased to honor the nation’s public sector heroes today. The Hodson Award goes to the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer based on the office’s extraordinary achievements in consumer protection, gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform.”

“It’s extremely gratifying to be the first City Attorney’s Office in the nation to receive this distinguished award,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. “Our team does transformative work on so many issues, from protecting consumers – as with our lawsuit against Wells Fargo over fake accounts – to criminal justice reform, gun violence prevention, community-based efforts to make neighborhoods safer and advance environmental justice and much more. The ABA’s recognition inspires us to take our work to yet another level in the days ahead.”

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine congratulates Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer’s Office – tireless consumer advocates and human rights defenders – on the well-deserved honor.


“RecycLA” Stinks

In late 2017 Los Angeles launched “RecycLA” which became a thorn in our side….

“RecycLA” with its poor service of trash pickup and very high cost went into effect in October 2017. Our initial reaction was that of disbelief. We were hoping that the disaster is a mistake, that the City will rush to correct it: after all, we elected them to protect Los Angeles residents. It didn’t take us long to realize that no one is coming to the rescue and we looked into opting out. Yeah right!

We are suffering today because “In 2014, the Los Angeles City Council voted to make private enterprise illegal in the in the business of trash-hauling.” This decision removed the option of opting-out of “RecycLA” and basically rendered us helpless to exploitation by “RecycLA”. “RecycLA” comes with a license to exploit us and we have no recourse.

When two people fall in love today, they often move in together before formally tying the knot. This “trial period” allows them to test their compatibility before entering into a long term union. “RecycLA” makes us wonder why our powers to be didn’t consider a test pilot program before outlawing other trash disposal options, and instead jumped head first into a 10 year long exclusive commitment….

If you’d like to examine the murky waters of Los Angeles new trash program in depth, we recommend Daily News’ “Here’s how to get rid of L.A.’s costly new trash-hauling monopoly”, an excellent article by Susan Shelley.

Surely, Ms. Susan Shelley is better qualified to recommend solutions to the “RecycLA” problem than we are here at Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine. With that said, even we don’t recall another instance of franchises purchasing / being granted a 10 year EXCLUSIVE contract (a monopoly, no less!) from the City of Los Angeles. Considering the terrible job of trash pickup and the exorbitant cost of “RecycLA” – the environmental responsibility argument not withstanding – our “new and improved” trash service STINKS!

Idealism is noble. A commitment to environmental protection makes sense. Making “Los Angeles the Zero Waste capital of the nation.” is a wonderful idea. None of it however excuses the poor service provided by “RecycLA” or the fact that the City didn’t take into account the cost of creating Utopia and the financial impact it will have on our city’s residents. When the cost of trash pick up / disposal exceeds the cost of water or power usage we’re courting a potential new wave of foreclosures, rent hikes and yes, homelessness. Neither Los Angeles nor its residents are for sale to those who can afford to purchase a trash monopoly. We won’t be held hostage and certainly not for 10 years! Let’s get together and stop the disastrous “RecycLA”!


Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana

I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention that as of January 2018 the sale, use and possession of recreational marijuana became legal in California. Some consider it bliss, others are worried about the impact this new freedom will have on our lives.

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich

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