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Jan 192018
Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana In California

  While some celebrate the new marijuana freedom in California, others are concerned. One way or another, marijuana is entering the mainstream and its use – thanks to the new law – will spread. The federal government started protesting already. Youth is getting ready to explore the new boundaries. Fasten your seatbelts, you are in […]

Dec 232016
L.A. Luxury Real Estate Expert

Just like there is a difference between Kmart and Neiman Marcus, there are differences in real estate. “Location, location, location” not withstanding, there are homes and there are estates. For most of us, our neighborhood real estate agent is the right person to call on to find and buy a comfortable single-family home in a […]

Dec 172016
Healthy Meals At Home WITHOUT The Work

We all want – leave alone, need! – to eat healthier. If you are well, eating healthy is good for your health, your mood and your weight. If your health is less than perfect already or if you suffer from food sensitivities or food allergies, eating healthy is mandatory. Rationally, we all know that. But […]

Dec 172016
Hybrid Bikes Another Mode Of Green Transportation

In climate change-sensitive California, hybrid cars took off like wildfire. They use less gas, produce fewer emissions, are better for the environment and driving them costs less. In the same spirit of environmental awareness, bicycles have become trendy in the last few years. Bicycle shops have sprung citywide. There are special bike lines and routes, […]

Jul 052016
Healthy Homes

We say “Home, sweet home.” and “My home is my castle”. Home is the center of family life and the ultimate refuge from the elements, strangers and the world. We perceive home as the place of ultimate safety. Sadly, most of our homes aren’t as safe as we believe. The building materials, paints, synthetic floor […]