Los Angeles

Jun 122017
2017 Gay Pride Resist March

A massive crowd gathered on Sunday in West Hollywood to celebrate Gay Pride AND for a Resist March. Los Angeles LGBTQ community fought for its rights long and hard and whole-heartedly supports any minority’s fight for human rights threatened by the current administration in Washington D.C. Many thousands of people (by some estimates over 100,000!) […]

May 022017
Robin Coste Lewis Los Angeles Poet Laureate

  Mayor Eric Garcetti names Robin Coste Lewis the Poet Laureate of Los Angeles Award-winning poet is nationally recognized as a major figure of contemporary literature   Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that Robin Coste Lewis, winner of the National Book Award, is the new Poet Laureate of the City of Los Angeles. As an official […]

Apr 232017
Our Earth, Our Lives: NOT A Business

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide since 1970 and its goal every year is to raise public awareness of environmental protection and more recently, global warming. The 2017 Earth Day celebration took the form of March for Science. In the United States, the largest March for Science took place on the National Mall in Washington, DC. […]

Mar 262017
Adam Krief Passed Away

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Adam Krief’s passing. He was young, successful and happy, with an entire life ahead of him. He became stricken with a unique form of leukemia and could have been saved by a matching – not even bone marrow, but blood – donation. Thousands of […]

Nov 222016
Another Huge Earthquake Strikes Japan

Fukushima – the same area devastated by the 2011 monster quake – has been struck by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake on Monday, November 21th 2016. The quake triggered tsunami warnings. Luckily the resulting tsunamis were relatively minor and didn’t cause significant damage. Today – only a day later! – another 6.9 earthquake shook the same […]

Nov 222016
EJ Jackson Thanksgiving Tradition Lives

EJ Jackson, the owner of Jackson Limo and a community hero passed away, on November 1st. EJ Jackson, who experienced poverty himself before becoming a successful businessman, gave away thousands of turkeys and complete turkey dinners for Thanksgiving to Los Angeles poor, for 33 years. This year, EJ isn’t with us anymore, but the need […]

Nov 172016
Mayor Garcetti Congratulates L.A. Winners

On the election of Archbishop José Gomez as Vice President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, L.A. Mayor, Eric Garcetti stated: “Los Angeles has been blessed by the spiritual guidance of Archbishop José Gomez, and it is encouraging to know that Catholics across America will benefit from his tremendous grace and wisdom. Followers of […]

Nov 132016
Change Lives, Donate Books

One Human Community (a grassroots movement in San Fernando Valley) provides FREE books and FREE access to books to support education and reading. Would you please donate books you have already read and / or books your kids have outgrown? The books you no longer read or need can help One Human Community prevent poverty […]

Nov 082016
Make Holidays Happy For The Elderly On Fixed Income

Project CARE Annual Holiday Campaign The Los Angeles Department of Aging is proudly celebrating 10 years, supporting older adults in need during the holiday season. For the past 10 years, the City family has come together to remind older adults that they are not alone, generously donating gifts for the holiday season. This year we […]

Nov 032016
Vote In 2016 Presidential Election

  It’s not about what party you have an allegiance to but about the act of casting a vote and living without regrets. Don’t let the opportunity of playing an active role in the political process pass you by! Dates vary by county. You may vote early in person at your county elections office or […]

Nov 022016
EJ Jackson A Man Of Compassion Passed Away

EJ Jackson – the founder and CEO of Jackson Limousine Service, also known as the “chauffeur to the stars” – has died from a massive heart attack on November 1st 2016. He was a successful businessman and much more than that. “E.J. Jackson’s kind and generous spirit was an inspiration. He was a role model […]

Oct 282016
L.A. City Attorney In The Community

  Mike Feuer and LAPD Foothill Division held a Town Hall meeting in Tujunga. L.A. City Attorney listened to residents’ concerns, showed commitment to solving their problems, offered concrete solutions. So UNLIKE a politician….   On Thursday October 27th 2016 L.A. City Attorney, Mr. Mike Feuer together with LAPD Foothill Division held a Town Hall […]

Oct 232016
Tom Hayden Passed Away

Tom Hayden, legendary activist, later a politician and ex-husband of Jane Fonda has died at 76. Hayden established himself as a political activist in 1960s. Activist at heart, he stood for what’s right from civil rights, peace, social justice and environmental protection to the fight for clear labeling of products containing cancer-causing chemicals and an […]

Oct 212016
After The Great California Shakeout Drill

On the 2016 Great California Shakeout Drill (10/20/16) Mayor Garcetti said: “People around the world are participating in the Great ShakeOut drill today, as we remind ourselves to be ready in the event of a major earthquake. I am glad that so many Angelenos are participating, because in Los Angeles we know that a big […]

Oct 122016

Anything L.A. Magazine Bone Marrow Donor Drive For Adam Krief takes place on Saturday, October 29th 2016 between 10 am and 3 pm in a Private Residence at 6430 Varna Ave. in Valley Glen, CA 91401. If you are age 18 – 44 and don’t mind sharing a bit of your saliva (needed for the […]

Oct 082016
Anything L.A. Magazine Bone Marrow Donor Drive For Adam Krief

Adam lives in Los Angeles. He is a member of our community. Anything L.A. Magazine serves millions of Angelenos and asks YOU to get tested as a potential donor for Adam Krief. We are organizing a Bone Marrow Donor Drive in the hope of finding a match for Adam Krief. (The drive will take place […]

Oct 082016
Adam Krief’s Fight With Blood Cancer

Adam Krief is 31. He loves his wife and their 3 small children. He has a lifelong passion for L.A. Lakers. He also has blood cancer. A matching bone marrow donation – in his case! – is THE CURE. He will die unless a matching bone marrow donor is found, QUICKLY. See Adam before hospitalization. […]

Oct 082016
Anything L.A. Magazine Search For A Matching Bone Marrow Donor For Adam Krief

Anything L.A. Magazine helped spread the news about Adam Krief’s pursuit of a matching bone marrow donor. We watched the pursuit’s progress. Thousands of people came forward to get tested. (There are MANY caring and compassionate people out there!) Unfortunately, no matching donor was found, yet. Having watched the search for a matching donor from […]