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Jul 182016
For The Love Of People, Food and Environment

  Interview with Tom Kaplan, CEO of Hugo’s Restaurant (Part 1)   Hugo’s Restaurant’ with several locations in Greater Los Angeles, has a reputation for serving delicious, whole food meals that are healthy for all. Anything L.A. Magazine found it unusual that a health-conscious but still a main-stream restaurant would cater also to vegetarians, vegans […]

Jul 212016
Saj Bakery Lebanese Cuisine In Granada Hills

Interview With The Owner Of Saj Bakery Nestled in the Balboa Mission Square in Granada Hills is a nice Mediterranean Bakery with an open kitchen, huge ovens and Shawarma grills. This is the Saj Bakery, serving authentic Lebanese cuisine. Editor: First and foremost, what does “Saj” stand for? Is it a first name? An abbreviation? […]