California News

Jun 012017
California Governor Co-Forms U.S. Climate Alliance

It is with true Californian pride that Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine publishes the following announcement of California Governor Brown: his response to President Trump’s rejection of the Paris Climate Agreement. Los Angeles stands with you Mr. Governor!   CA GOVERNOR BROWN, NY GOVERNOR CUOMO AND WA GOVERNOR INSLEE ANNOUNCE FORMATION OF U.S. CLIMATE ALLIANCE Brown, […]

Jan 262018
Gov. Brown’s Last State Of The State Address

  Governor Brown delivered 2018 State of the State Address, his last. It is true to his and California’s spirit. Ever the contender, he named his final State of the State Address “California is Setting the Pace for America”. We agree. Democrat and a public servant through and trough, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. guided […]

Jul 082017
2018 Climate Action Summit To Take Place In San Francisco

California Governor Brown Announces Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco in September 2018 On July 6th on the eve of the G20 Summit, California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced via video message at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany that the State of California will convene the world’s climate leaders in San […]

Apr 192017
Fresno Shooter In Custody

An arrest has been made. The African American shooter is charged with killing three (four?) people (all white males from 36 to 58 years old) as well as two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Even though the killer – Kori Ali Muhammad, 39 – shouted “Allahu Akbar” (which means “God is great” in […]

Apr 082017
California Road Repair Approved: We’ll Pay

The Road Repair and Accountability Act was introduced and signed just last week. In the words of League Executive Director Carolyn Coleman: “Californians are sick and tired of driving on bad roads and we are all paying the cost of disrepair, traffic congestion and unsafe roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure.” The Road Repair and […]

Apr 062017
California District Attorneys Against ICE Arrests At California Courthouses

In a letter signed by twelve California City and County Attorneys, elected officials responsible for keeping California’s communities safe are asking Attorney General Sessions and Secretary Kelly to stop ICE immigration enforcement arrests in and around California courthouses California City and County Attorneys explain in their letter how immigrants’ fear of detention and / or […]

Mar 302017
California To Improve Its Transportation Infrastructure

  League of California Cities® Commends Governor, Senate Pro Tem, Speaker of the Assembly and Transportation Committee Chairs on Agreement to Provide Historic Investment in California’s Transportation System   The $5.2 billion transportation funding and accountability agreement announced today by Gov. Jerry Brown, Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) and Assembly Speaker […]

Feb 132017
Emergency Order For Oroville Dam Area

Governor Brown Issues Emergency Order to Help Response to Situation at Oroville Dam   UPDATE: Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. issued the following statement today (02/14/17) after the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved both recent gubernatorial requests for federal assistance – one to support the response to the situation at Oroville Dam and the […]

Feb 022017
Breitbart’s Editor Speech Cancelled At UC Berkley

Protests at UC Berkley led to a cancellation of the previously scheduled speech by Breitbart’s news editor Milo Yiannopoulos. Breitbart is an extreme-right news network. Milo Yiannopoulos is known for his radical views and highly inflammatory speeches. (He’s been banned from Twitter for harassing Leslie Jones, the star of “Ghostbusters”.) Many hundreds of students protested […]

Jan 252017
Governor Brown Takes On President Trump

Governor Brown Delivers 2017 State of the State Address: “California is Not Turning Back, Not Now, Not Ever” Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today delivered his State of the State address, departing with the traditional practice of listing every issue and restating every priority to focus on the “broader context of our country and its […]

Jan 022017
New California Laws For 2017

California government, with Governor Brown at the steering wheel, worked tirelessly to introduce, pass and sign 898 new laws. The laws treat into effect in 2017. We are obviously not going to discuss all of them here but here are a few worth noting. Holding a cellphone or any other wireless electronic device while driving […]

Dec 162016
Gov. Brown On Climate Change: "We Will Persevere"

  Governor Brown to Climate Scientists: “We Will Persevere”   Rallying thousands of scientists at one of the largest international gatherings of its kind, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today called on the scientific community – the “truth-tellers” and “truth seekers” – to mobilize for the climate fight. “The time has never been more urgent […]

Dec 042016
Oakland Warehouse Fire

The fire is a heartbreaking tragedy because so many have perished but even more so because it could have – and should have – been prevented. The warehouse – known in the community as Oakland Ghost Ship – was illegally converted into artists collective (according to reports, some tenants used it as housing as well), […]

Dec 012016
California Veterans’ Enlistment Bonus Repayment To Be CANCELED

According to reports, a compromise was negotiated between the Pentagon and California National Guard soldiers in regard to the enlistment incentives and student loans that is likely to lead to a cancellation of repayments. While the negotiations were on-going, the repayment program was temporarily suspended on October 26th 2016. The House and the Senate are […]

Nov 302016
What Happened To Sherri Papini

Sherri Papini who disappeared during her morning jog in Shasta County (Northern California) on November 2nd was found near Interstate 5 in Yolo County on Thanksgiving. The details of her condition are just becoming known. When found she was still wearing restraints. After 22 days in captivity (from November 2nd to Thanksgiving) Sherri Papini was […]

Nov 202016
California’s Commitment to Climate Action Stands

West Coast Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to Climate Action at Close of COP22 On November 18th 2016 California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Washington Governor Jay Inslee and British Columbia Premier Christy Clark today issued the following statement on the final day of the United Nations Climate Conference in Marrakech, Morocco (COP22): […]

Nov 132016
Wise Words Of Governor Brown

On November 10th Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. issued the following statement on the 2016 presidential election and the transition to a new administration: “Today we saw the beginning of the transfer of power to the President-elect. While the prerogatives of victory are clear, so also are the responsibilities to ensure a strong and unified […]

Oct 312016
2016 Quality of Life Awards Award Of Excellence Bestowed Upon Owens Lake Trails Architectural Elements

The Architectural Elements on Owens Lake, part of the Owens Lake Trails Project, were honored with the Award of Excellence at the 2016 Quality of Life Awards of the Southern California Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) last week. Each year, the Award of Excellence is given to the one project which, […]

Oct 152016
Honoring Police Officers Killed In Palm Springs

On Saturday, 10/08/16 Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. issued the following statement regarding the deaths of Palm Springs Police Department Officers Jose Gilbert Vega and Lesley Zerebny: “Officers Vega and Zerebny were killed today doing what they do every day – protecting their community. We grieve with the family members, friends and fellow officers coping […]

Oct 052016
Governor Jerry Brown Redefines Rape Laws In California

Governor Jerry Brown has signed many new bills and amendments to existing laws, recently. Among them are three pertaining to rape. One of them changes, one expands and one modifies existing California rape law. Senate Bill No. 813: NO Limitation Statute In Rape Cases In California A rape is s rape whether it took place […]