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May 312017
Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine Suspends White House News

Everybody knows Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine for its coverage of current news in Los Angeles, California, the White House, United States and occasionally, the world. We went recently on a hiatus to re-think the direction of our magazine and here is what we concluded. Los Angeles and California rule! Our City, State and their leadership […]

Feb 152018
Tragedy At Florida High School

The news about the Parkland (Florida) Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting is everywhere. An ex-student (Nikolas Cruz, 19) expelled for behavioral problems the year prior set off the fire alarm and using legally purchased .223 caliber riffle killed 17 (both, students and adults) and injured 14. The Parkland gunman is in custody. Ironically, in […]

Feb 132018
Obamas Portraits Break With Tradition

This week portraits of the Obamas were officially unveiled. Barack Obama’s portrait will become a permanent part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Portrait Gallery which features the complete collection of presidential portraits. The portrait of Michelle Obama is a part of a temporary exhibition of new acquisitions and will be on display until November. The Obamas’ […]

Feb 102018
Successful Launch Of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy

  SpaceX’s successfully launched its Falcon Heavy on Tuesday, February 6th 2018 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral Florida.   This is how SpaceX described its expectations prior to the launch: “When Falcon Heavy lifts off, it will be the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two, with […]

Jan 282018
L.A. Is THE City That Works

  L.A. earns America’s only Gold Certification from ‘What Works Cities’ Initiative Mayor Garcetti accepts award for City’s landmark use of data to improve services that “make a real difference in people’s lives.”   Los Angeles is America’s leader in “using data and evidence to improve results” in government effectiveness and delivery of services, and […]

Jul 212017
O.J. Simpson Paroled

  OJ Simpson Paroled: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman Still Dead   After nine years in prison for armed robbery, on Thursday, July 20th 2017 O.J. Simpson was granted parole in Nevada. According to reports during the time he served in the Lovelock Correctional Center, O.J. was a model prisoner fulfilling and exceeding his […]

Jul 212017
Senator John McCain Brain Cancer

  Arizona Senator John McCain, 80, who underwent a blood clot surgery last week, was diagnosed with brain cancer. The finding was made by a lab analyzing the removed tissue.   Arizona Senator John McCain, 80, who underwent a blood clot surgery last week, was diagnosed with brain cancer. The finding was made by a […]

Jul 132017
Consumers Get Leverage Over Banks

On July 10th 2017, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a new rule banning banks from using arbitration clauses. This is a major step toward leveling the field for consumers. Until now, most banks’ – and other financial institutions’ – contracts have used arbitrations clauses which means that we as consumers were bared from seeking justice […]

Jun 252017
Remembering Otto Warmbier

22 years old Otto Warmbier has died only days after being returned to the United States by North Korea. The University of Virginia student – on his way to Hong Kong for a study-abroad program – used the days before the program was to start for a brief tour of North Korea. As he was […]

Jun 162017
A Dreamer Detained

Diego Ismael Puma Macancela, a 19-year-old high school student in Ossining, N.Y., was detained and is scheduled for deportation to his native Ecuador. His arrest took place one day after the arrest of his mother who brought him here illegally while he was still a minor two years ago. Puma Macancela was arrested on the […]

Jun 142017
Baseball Field Shooting In Virginia

During a batting practice for a charity baseball game at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria (Virginia) a gunman shot and injured four Republican members of Congress today morning. Among the injured is Stephen Joseph Scalise, the current United States House of Representatives Majority Whip and representative of Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District. Scalise was shot […]

Jun 132017
Two Attorneys General Lawsuit Against President Trump

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine, allege that President Trump is violating the anti-corruption Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Among the arguments raised in the lawsuit by the Attorney Generals: The President’s continued ownership of his business empire The Trump businesses’ acceptance of payments from foreign governments without the […]

Jun 082017
Former FBI Director Testifies

Like James Comey or not, his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was concise and clear. Former FBI Director James Comey described: A one-on-one dinner with the President The President’s request for “loyalty” The President’s repeated inquiries whether he himself was under investigation (Comey assured the President that he wasn’t on three separate occasions.) The […]

Jun 012017
President Trump Says No To Paris Climate Accord

194 countries participate in the Paris Climate Accord which aim to encourage the switch to renewable energy sources and to lower emissions thereby delaying global warming. Nicaragua is not a part of the Accords because it considers the Paris Agreement’s standards not stringent enough. (The Nicaraguans believe that we all should do more and faster […]

May 262017
Hate Crime In Portland

On the first night of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which coincided with the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend this year, Portland’s resident Jeremy Joseph Christian, took on two American-born and raised teenage girls (one of whom was wearing a hijab) on a commuter train. He screamed at them Islamophobic slurs, threatened them […]

May 212017
Betty Shelby Got Away With Murder

Even though we have seen the video of how the killing of 40-year-old, unarmed, African American, Terence Crutcher unfolded, white Tulsa police officer Betty Jo Shelby was acquitted by a jury. During the testimony, officer Shelby defended herself by saying that she shot Crutcher because he didn’t obey her command to lie on the ground […]

May 202017
Disgraced Former Fox News Chief Has Died

Roger Ailes, who was forced to resign from his job last July due to sexual harassment allegations and a sexual harassment lawsuit by Gretchen Carlson, died at 77. Roger Ailes is credited with helping to develop Fox News into a leading Republican news channel. Under his leadership Fox News established its authority among Republicans and […]

May 182017
Washington Shenanigans

The shenanigans in Washington D.C. don’t seem to stop: The shocking firing of FBI Director, James Comey President Trump’s strange reference to tapes of their conversations in the White House Comey’s alleged memo which supposedly claims that President Trump asked him to stop investigating Gen. Flynn who – in the words of the President – […]

May 102017
FBI Director James Comey FIRED

James Comey who is widely blamed for the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the last election was fired by the man he helped to win. The President’s gratitude lasted 110 days even though – according to President Trump! – Comey reassured him on three separate occasions that he (Trump personally) wasn’t a suspect in the […]

May 052017
Religious Liberty Executive Order

As a presidential candidate Mr. Trump promised to relax the restrictions on political expression by religious organizations defined by the Johnson Amendment, today he – sort of – kept the promise and signed “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty” executive order. Still, the executive order alone, without Congressional approval, does not repeal the Johnson amendment […]