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Dec 252016
President Obama’s Legacy: How The Unpopular President Saved America

The Obama era is coming to an end, President Elect Trump will be sworn in the office in a few short weeks. Nearly half of Americans look forward with anticipation and hope to his inauguration and his turn at the wheel. It is a tradition however to look back before closing a chapter. President Obama […]

Dec 242016
Jane Fonda The Ageless Idealist

Jane Fonda – daughter of the legendary actor Henry Fonda – is a world famous, Oscar-winning actress, Hollywood star, aerobics’ guru and a best-selling author. She is also a lifelong social activist who: Protested against the Vietnam War and Iraq War Took an active part in the Civil Rights Movement for equality for African Americans […]

Nov 262016
Fidel Castro Dies At 90

Hated and loved, Fidel Castro transformed Cuba. As an idealistic and patriotic young lawyer, Castro took issue with social injustice, brutality and corruption of Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship in Cuba. He repeatedly tried to overthrow the dictator and eventually succeeded in 1959. Castro ruled Cuba since 1959 until 2006 when illness forced him to step down […]

Oct 302016
After SFV Bone Marrow Drive For Adam Krief

The day has arrived and Anything L.A. Magazine held the much anticipated bone marrow drive for Adam Krief. A representative of Be The Match® (National Marrow Donor Program®), was there with testing kits as well as plenty of informational, educational and promotional materials. There were volunteers eager to be tested to hopefully be the match […]

Oct 202016
The Last Presidential Debate Of 2016

For the third and last time before the Presidential Election, the two presidential candidates took on issues and one another at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. (The debate was moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News.) This time, both presidential candidates appeared composed. The tone of the debate itself was significantly more civil […]

Oct 082016
Living Donor Donations

We all know that organ donation save lives. When we think of organ donation, we usually associate it with the decision made by a family at the end of someone’s life. But living donor donations are becoming increasingly common. We frequently see on the news how a loved one – or a friend – of […]

Sep 262016
Saying Thank You To Vin Scully Los Angeles Voice

67 years?! Vin Scully, a sportscaster and beloved play-by-play announcer of the Los Angeles Dodgers is hanging up the mike after 67 years. Instantly recognizable for his smooth voice, Vin Scully had an impressive career as a national sportscaster on CBS Radio and NBC TV. He called the All-Star Game and World Series games. He […]

Sep 232016
Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer Goes To Washington

Our own Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer to attend a meeting of U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs in Washington, D.C. If it sounds like “business as usual” to you, it isn’t. It’s a huge recognition of the Federal Government for our City Attorney Mike Feuer’s – and his team’s – […]

Sep 062016
The Urgent Need To Amend Human Betrayal

I don’t qualify as a spokesperson for all pets. (I had two brief experiences with cats, but a lifetime of experience with dogs.) Therefore I can speak for dogs, only. I grew up in the mountains with plenty of snow, tourists and… avalanches. When an avalanche buries people, teams of rescuers try to locate and […]

Aug 072016
Zika Virus in The US And California What You Need To Know

We’re being warned of terrorism, weak economy, etc. These concerns are certainly valid but pale in comparison with the potential risk of contracting the zika virus which poses a threat to the human neurological system. Zika virus was first identified in 1947 in Africa. The virus has been named after the area where it was […]

Jul 102016
Rappers Call For Peace

In the aftermath of recent killings in Dallas, Minneapolis and Baton Rouge, two black rappers – Snoop Dogg and the Game – organized and took part in a peaceful march of racial minority men on the Police Department Headquarters in Los Angeles. The march was announced on Instagram and urged African American, Mexican and all […]