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Nov 022016

EJ Jackson A Man Of Compassion Passed Away

EJ Jackson – the founder and CEO of Jackson Limousine Service, also known as the “chauffeur to the stars” – has died from a massive heart attack on November 1st 2016. He was a successful businessman and much more than that.

“E.J. Jackson’s kind and generous spirit was an inspiration. He was a role model to me and everyone in Los Angeles, and his charitable heart gave us a new understanding of the power of giving and the true meaning of community. The annual Thanksgiving giveaway that he founded in South L.A. is legendary: What began as help for a few Angelenos grew to 12,000 strong last year. And he did it because he understood that, in his words, ‘Nothing is more comforting than family enjoying a Thanksgiving meal together at home.’ The holidays in L.A. won’t be the same without E.J. on the streets at sunrise, making sure everyone’s basket is full. He set a timeless example for us to follow, and we can honor his legacy by building on the tradition he started and committing ourselves every day to making a difference in the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors.” Mayor Eric Garcetti

EJ’s road to success led through hardship. He’s never forgotten the extreme poverty – and even temporary homelessness – he endured and after he succeeded in business EJ remained sensitive to the suffering of others. He was known for his compassion and generosity. He was there to help people find jobs and gave money for food to many.

To EJ celebrating Thanksgiving with a festive turkey dinner with his family at home had a special meaning. So over 30 years ago he’s began giving away free Thanksgiving turkey dinners with all the trimmings to the poor and the homeless. He sought out – and reached out to – the elderly on fixed income, veterans in need, wounded warriors, the disabled and many others in need. EJ Jackson brightened the holidays and lives of thousands of people with generosity that filled up stomachs and lifted spirits. In the end, the heart that benefited the Los Angeles community for years gave out.

We don’t know what the future holds for Jackson Limousine Service. But we know that EJ Jackson will be remembered and missed by the thousands of people whom he’s helped.

Our deepest condolences go to Mr. Jackson’s loved ones and friends. Los Angeles lost a GOOD man.

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / Eve Elrich



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I'll remember EJ

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I met him when I was down. He helped me up. RIP EJ.