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Dec 192013

Falcon Theatre presents  the Off-Broadway Hit

Bunny Bunny
Gilda Radner: A Sort of Romantic Comedy

Written by Alan Zweibel
Directed by Dimitri Toscas

Previews begin January 29, 2014
OPENS Friday, February 7, 2014 at 8pm

December 17, 2013 Burbank, CA– Falcon Theatre is proud to present Bunny Bunny – Gilda Radner: A Sort of Romantic Comedy, written by Alan Zweibel, directed by Dimitri Toscas,the fourth production of the Falcon Theatre’s 2013-2014 Subscription Season. Bunny Bunny features Brendan Hunt as ‘Alan’, Erin Pineda as ‘Gilda’ and Tom Fonss as ‘Everyone Else’, an ensemble of lively characters.Falcon Theatre presents Bunny Bunny

Beginning with the first time they met behind a potted tree in an early Saturday Night Live meeting, Bunny Bunny is a whirlwind personal journey through the fourteen-year friendship of writer Alan Zweibel and comedienne Gilda Radner. The play pulls us through a memory patchwork of Alan’s hilarious and heartbreaking adventures with his dear Gilda, as their insecurities and demons are eased by their shared talent for laughter.