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Jan 262018
Gov. Brown’s Last State Of The State Address

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.


Governor Brown delivered 2018 State of the State Address, his last. It is true to his and California’s spirit. Ever the contender, he named his final State of the State Address “California is Setting the Pace for America”. We agree.

Democrat and a public servant through and trough, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. guided California for a combined total of 15 years (over two terms: he is the longest serving Governor in our State’s history!) and has greatly contributed to its development.

His position on climate change, commitment to renewable resources and green energy is in keeping with the rest of civilized world. He sees immigration for what it is: a human rights issue / social issue as opposed to a political argument. He champions infrastructure improvements and progress even if his vision for California outpaces ours.

Governor Brown’s second term in office wasn’t without controversy, but he is like the tough father who may not always be likable but whose rules produce rewarding results. He lived up to his responsibilities as the Governor of California, faced challenges head on, didn’t succumb to pressures from the federal government, didn’t compromise his values for political expediency and has proven his foresight and love for California.

It is in a large part thanks to Governor Brown that we’re proud to be Californians.

It’s hard to believe that at 79 years old, Governor Jerry Brown is so much more progressive than President Trump at “only” 71, isn’t it?


Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. delivered his 16th – and final – State of the State address on January 25th 2018 asserting that the “bolder path is still our way forward” on climate change, infrastructure investment, health care, education and criminal justice.

In his remarks, the Governor pointed to a number of far-reaching, bipartisan measures passed in recent years – from pension and workers’ compensation reform to the Water Bond, Rainy Day Fund and the Cap-and-Trade Program – that demonstrate “some American governments can actually get things done.”

Governor Brown also recognized the efforts of firefighters, first responders and volunteers who “answered the call to help their fellow neighbors” this year and the “profound and growing challenge” of extreme weather and fires in California.

Citing “endless new weapons systems, growing antagonism among nations, the poison in our politics, climate change” and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists “Doomsday Clock” moving 30 seconds closer to catastrophe, the Governor warned that “our world, our way of life, our system of governance” are all at “immediate and genuine risk” and called “for courage, for imagination and for generous dialogue” from Californians.

Read the full text of State of the State Address.

Opening narrative by Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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