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Jul 172016


iWATCH, iREPORT, i KEEP US SAFE (iWATCH) is a community awareness program created to educate the public about behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism.

This program is a community program to help your neighborhood stay safe from terrorist activities. It is a partnership between your community and the Los Angeles Police Department. We can and must work together to prevent terrorist attacks.

Remember that the iWATCH program is about behaviors and activities, not individuals.

Download iWATCH App from Google
Download iWATCH App from iTunes

To learn about the iWATCH program and about the behaviors and activities that you should report, read and download a brochure that explains the program.

Terrorism is real. Protect yourself, your loved ones and our Los Angeles community. Tragedies are much easier to prevent than to live with!

Download the iWATCH App and revisit Anything L.A. Magazine for more info from LAPD!