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Jan 282017

L.A. Mayor Responds To Presidential Executive Order On Immigration

President Trump’s executive order closing United States’ borders to Muslim arrivals – including Green Card holders! – which took effect immediately, wrecked havoc in the nation’s airports where passengers where stopped and detained. It caused panic in the American Muslim communities and sparked outrage throughout the United States and the world.

Extremist Muslim terrorists don’t “own” a country or a religion. The executive order won’t contribute to national security but inflict pain on families fleeing ravages of war and enflame anti-American sentiments. It won’t make us safer, just the opposite, it may enrage American Muslims and spark domestic terrorism in retaliation.

Mayor Garcetti on the President’s Executive Order on immigration and refugees:

“One of America’s defining legacies in the world is the welcoming of people who arrive on our shores to escape the horrors of war, oppression, and violent persecution. The Executive Order signed today by the President unfairly targets refugees — many of them families with young children — whose lives may depend on the compassion and generosity of the United States.

There is no evidence that this approach will improve national security. Our country is not made safer by turning away from values and traditions that speak to the best of who we are as a nation, and what we believe as a people. ”
Mayor Eric Garcetti

Thank God for the wise leadership of Los Angeles!



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