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Aug 062012
Loren Lester Stars in Final Witness on ABC

Loren Lester Stars in Final Witness on ABC

In the words of Loren Lester: “Working on FINAL WITNESS was one of my favorite jobs (ever.)   There were a lot of firsts for me:

First time playing a real-life character in a true story (I play convicted murderer Hans Reiser) First time playing the bad guy (the many lawyers I’ve played don’t count) First time shooting in Russia (first time out of the country, as a matter of fact) First time that I can say I’m starring in a network TV show (not just as a guest) And first audition via Skype! The talented team of Director Rudy Bednar and Producer Lee Beckett work for ABC in New York, so I did my audition and callback “long distance” in the office of casting director Scott David, improvising dialogue with the lovely Zuzana Lova who would also win the role of my wife.

This was the first time, also, that I had to do a lot of research before the audition and then a lot more leading up to the shoot (videos, audio files, court transcripts, etc.)”

Loren Lester is a long-time friend of and now Anything L.A.; the  season finale of FINAL WITNESS, airs this Wednesday, August 8th on ABC (channel 7): WATCH IT!

To your ever-growing success Loren!