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Anything L.A., Los Angeles Liberal Magazine, is rooted in common sense, progressive, compassionate, in a word: AMERICAN. Anything L.A. provides news relevant to intelligent readers with liberal editorials to boot!

Some Americans disapprove of Liberalism in the false belief that it is too permissive while at the same time supporting MANY of its values. So let’s define some values Liberalism and Anything L.A. stand for:

  • Individual freedom without excessive governmental intrusion (reproduction rights, sexual orientation, freedom of speech are some examples of individual freedom)
  • Human rights (not tearing families apart or turning away refugees / survivors of political conflicts or natural disasters)
  • Social justice (a government – not unlike a head of household – has the obligation to take care of the needs of the young and their education; the needs of the elderly and their health; provide a safety net for the unemployed and / or poor.)
  • Freedom of prejudice (i.e. racism, nationality, ethnicity, LGBT: no hate crimes!)
  • Freedom of religion (freedom to worship and have one’s beliefs respected as opposed to vandalism of sacred spaces or hate crimes)
  • Tolerance (“live and let live” doesn’t mean tolerating everything, but affording others the same freedoms we take for granted)
  • Environmental protection (isn’t charitable, it’s critical to our collective survival: we all depend on clean air and clean drinking water; neither should be a privilege reserved for “some”.)
  • Climate change (is a scientific FACT, not a philosophical concept. It is in all our best interest to prevent it or else we all perish.)
  • Supporting progress (i.e.: Reverting to coal mining is a step backward, not making America great, again. Investing in green technologies means healthier future for all and growing employment opportunities.)
  • Emphasis on education (championing and sponsoring education is the ONLY way to ensure our future.)
  • Health care is a basic need, not a privilege: it HAS TO BE available to all. (Imagine it won’t be: ever heard of communicable diseases? Compassion aside, we’ll ALL die.)

We know that the above are merely a few of the liberal values, but:

“This is the attitude of mind which has come to be known as liberal. It implies vigorous convictions, tolerance for the opinions of others, and a persistent desire for sound progress. It is a method of approach which has played a notable and constructive part in our history, and which merits a thorough trial today in the attack on our absorbingly interesting American task.”
Guy Emerson, “The New Frontier,” 1920
(Quoted from

Anything L.A. Magazine features Los Angeles News and L.A. Earthquake Updates. To increase sensitivity to L.A. environmental concerns and climate change there are tips for green living and for the civic-minded in L.A. opportunities to make Los Angeles better, hands-on. There is plenty to entertain you as well from L.A. Entertainment to Celebrity News. For inspiration there are stories of successful Angelenos, interviews with Los Angeles business leaders and for inspired shopping: L.A. Business Directory with service and product galore.

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