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Sep 112016

Los Angeles Special Needs Pets For Adoption

The pets featured on this page are in urgent need of being adopted. Each of them has special needs. All of them are long time residents of Best Friends’ animal rescue. Their personalities earned them special standing with the staff of the facility but none has found a home to call their own, yet.

Look beyond the surface! Young or old, cat or dog, special needs or not, there is still plenty of love each of these pets has to give.

Ethel Special Needs Cat For Adoption

Ethel is a young (just 5 months) and beautiful cat but has a congenital abnormality and needs help every time she has to go to the bathroom. Does a birth defect make her unlovable?

Lucy Aging Dog For Adoption

Lucy is in her golden years. She has all the conditions seniors experience which can however be managed with supplements. She’s still playful and very sweet. Is anyone ever too old to be loved?…

Nella Special Needs Cat For Adoption

Nella is a striking beauty with a sweet disposition and a kidney disease that requires on-going care. Even roses have thorns, don’t they?…

Any moron can buy a pet in a pet store. It takes heart, wisdom, commitment and yes, money to adopt a special needs pet! Los Angeles can be generous, are you?

Questions about adopting a preowned pet? Read this!

Need more information on a specific pet? Click on the picture of the pet you’d like to welcome to your family to learn more.

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / E. Elrich


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It's good to know that special needs pets have an advocate, too. Thank you for caring!