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Jun 012017
President Trump Says No To Paris Climate Accord

Burn baby, burn!

194 countries participate in the Paris Climate Accord which aim to encourage the switch to renewable energy sources and to lower emissions thereby delaying global warming.

Nicaragua is not a part of the Accords because it considers the Paris Agreement’s standards not stringent enough. (The Nicaraguans believe that we all should do more and faster to avoid the ultimate disaster.)

Today, President Trump joined Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in rejecting the Paris Accord. Making America – until now the world’s leader in the efforts to delay global warming – one of only three countries rejecting it.

In a speech President Trump explained that America’s prosperity depends on returning to fossil fuels. If you’d like to fact-check the President’s arguments – for leaving the Paris Climate Agreement – we recommend this article:

Upon hearing of President Trump’s decision, newly-elected French President, Emmanuel Macron gave a 3-minute speech in English (clearly, addressing the United States) during which he complimented our nation and made several important points. Most notable? His invitation to American scientists and entrepreneurs involved in the development of solutions to climate change to move to France and continue their work there. At the conclusion of his speech, the French President called on Paris Climate Agreement’s partners and the United States to “Make our PLANET great, again.” Well said!


  • President Trump: Burn baby, burn!
  • President Macron: Make our PLANET great, again.
  • The French sure know how to pick them!

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