Sep 272016
Nine Injured In Houston Mall Shooting

The gunman: Houston attorney, Nathan DeSai.  Photo from LinkedIn

On September 26th 2016 a man went on a rampage, shooting at random passersbys in a Houston shopping mall. The police shot and killed the gunman.

According to Houston’s Mayor Pro-Tem Ellen Cohen, of the nine people injured, three were treated at the scene, four were treated in a hospital and subsequently released. Two (one in serious and one in critical condition) remain hospitalized. Both are expected to survive.

The shooter arrived at the scene in his Porsche loaded with firearms, several thousands of rounds of live ammunition and some old military paraphernalia including a Swastika. He was wearing an old military uniform. (A search of the gunman’s home revealed a larger collection of weapons, military uniforms and military artifacts.) The gunman was identified as a Houston attorney, Nathan DeSai. According to reports, DeSai’s law office closed recently while he continued working from home. As of now, the motive for the senseless shooting remains unknown and no link to terrorism was found.

In a written statement Gov. Greg Abbott said: “As victims of the Houston shooting fight for their lives this morning, Cecilia and I ask that all Texans join us in keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.”


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