Sep 292016

Commuter Train Crash In Hoboken, NJ

On Thursday (09/29/16) during morning rush hours, a commuter train crashed on the Hoboken NJ train station. Train no. 1614 on route from Spring Valley entered the Hoboken Station at a high rate of speed (the protocol calls for 5 miles per hour), the front cart of the train became airborne and hit the Hoboken Terminal building on Track 5. The impact destroyed parts of the train and caused wide spread damage on the Hoboken Station where the roof has collapsed, loose wires are hanging in the air and water is pouring down on the terminal.

According to reports, at least one person is dead and over 100 people are injured. The injured are among passengers of the train (especially the first train car) as well as commuters waiting for the train’s arrival on the terminal.

All commuter service (including PATH) was suspended in and out of the Hoboken Station. The Federal Railroad Administration’s investigators are on the way to the scene of the crash at the time of this writing. Terrorism isn’t suspected.


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