Nov 242016
Florence Henderson, Beloved Brady Bunch Mom Died

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Florence Henderson, the mom in 1969 television series “The Brady Bunch” was an accomplished actress, singer, television personality and talk show hostess.

Florence Henderson was very popular – and unlike most actors – was very much in demand for all of her professional life. She was well-liked and active. In 2010 she dazzled on Dancing with the Stars. On September 19th of this year, on her Facebook page, she applauded her “daughter” from “The Brady Bunch” Maureen McCormick who was competing on Dancing With The Stars, too.

Henderson was the youngest of ten children. She was married twice and had four children.

It’s been said that Florence Henderson died surrounded by family and friends. She was 82. Henderson was born on Valentine’s Day and passed away on Thanksgiving…. She had love, success, respect and in the end, the gratitude of legions of fans.



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