Sep 232016

Washington State Mall Shooting Suspect

On Friday 09/23/16 five people have been killed in a shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, about 65 miles north of Seattle, WA. According to the mall’s security footage, the suspect entered the mall unarmed only to resurface some 10 minutes later at a Macy’s store bearing a riffle. He shot and killed four women ranging in age from a teenager to a senior citizen and one man. The riffle was found later at the scene of the massacre.

The image of the suspect – who was wearing a black T-shirt and black shorts at the time of the attack and was described by witnesses as a 20-30 years old Hispanic – was captured on surveillance video.

BREAKING NEWS: the shooter has been identified and arrested. He is 20-year Arcan Cetin who attended Oak Harbor High School in Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island in Island County, Washington. (Cetin wrote on his Facebook page that he is from Turkey.) There is no information on the killer’s motive, yet.


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