Mar 232013

March 22 through April 6


LACMA Exhibition Film Series

Academy Film Archive Rediscovery: Saul Bass’s PHASE IV (1974)
with rarely seen original ending.

A box office disappointment in its initial release, “Phase IV” is being reappraised by modern audiences. This special presentation of a new 35mm print from the Academy Film Archive will include a rare screening of the original psychedelic ending sequence, long thought to be lost and alternately rumored never to have been made at all. This sequence was recently unearthed by the Archive and may be considered one of the most significant cinematic discoveries of the decade.

Featuring Academy Film Archive prints of two Saul Bass Films.

In 1968, “2001: A Space Odyssey” ushered in a bold new vision for science-fiction cinema that flowered fully in the coming decade as established filmmakers – among them Saul Bass, John Boorman, Robert Altman – as well as promising newcomers (such as George Lucas, John Carpenter and Douglas Trumbull) pushed the genre into adventurous new directions. Their films also addressed contemporary issues, such as technology’s rapid advancement, its encroachment into everyday life and mankind’s anxieties about its own (self) destruction. Series titles include “Silent Running,” “THX 1138,” “The Terminal Man,” “Dark Star,” “Solaris,” “Zardoz,” “Fantastic Planet,” “Quintet,” “The Man Who Fell to Earth” and the Academy Film Archive’s restored print of Saul Bass’s short “Quest.”