Sep 262016

2016 Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhoods

Watching the news one could easily – and MISTAKENLY! – assume that the only opportunity individuals have to express themselves on public issues are protests. It isn’t so.

An individual can have an impact on many aspects of local government, civic matters, planning and shaping of his or her community. Being civic-minded is a good beginning, but to truly participate one needs knowledge and skills we weren’t taught in school. This is where Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhoods comes in. By organizing workshops, presenting issues, bringing together citizens and their elected representatives, it enables civic-minded individuals to become meaningfully involved in their neighborhoods and our city.

On Saturday, September 24th Los Angeles City Hall hosted the 2016 Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhoods.

Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhoods works with L.A.’s Neighborhoods Councils on educating our city’s residents on ways to participate in government.

True to its motto “Neighborhoods First: Your Voice, Our City”, Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhoods organized an exciting and event-packed day for attendees, again. There were:

  • over 40 free workshops teaching civic skills and exploring several current projects such as One Water L.A. and Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets Initiative
  • opportunities to network with City’s staff as well as elected officials
  • a chance to join a regional or Citywide alliance of Neighborhood Councils
  • a chance to speak with Neighborhood Councils’ leaders
  • all of the above complete with a breakfast, lunch and yes – obligatory in L.A. – parking

The event was a smashing success: congratulations Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhoods on your great work! It is needed.

Big politics begins with your neighborhood, YOU CAN make a difference. Learn how on Los Angeles Congress of Neighborhoods Website.


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