Nov 292016

Brazilian Soccer Team Chapecoense Killed In A Plane Crash

A charted airplane carrying 81 including the Chapecoense Brazilian soccer team and 21 journalists accompanying the team crashed in the mountains surrounding the city of Medellín, Colombia on (11/28/16) Monday evening. According to reports 75 died. Among the six survivors are three soccer players, one journalist and two crew members. Two of the survivors are in critical condition.

The plane reported electrical problems, eventually declaring emergency and was cleared for priority landing in Medellín. The plane crashed before reaching the airport.

The Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense was traveling to a match against the Colombian team Atlético Nacional, the first in a two-step final to the Copa Sudamericana.
Chapecoense, the soccer team on a rapid rise to fame, was known for its wise strategy and successful fiscal management. The team was Brazil’s hope of winning the Copa Sudamericana.

In response to the tragic crash three days of mourning were declared in Brazil. South America suspended all soccer games until further notice. The international soccer community expressed its condolences.



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