Dec 182016

Inventor Of Heimlich Maneuver Died

Dr. Henry Heimlich, the American thoracic surgeon who invented the Heimlich maneuver (named after him) passed away at 96.
Few people realize that at the time Dr. Heimlich invented his famous maneuver that saves people from chocking, chocking was a common cause of death. Since the introduction of Dr. Heimlich’ technique in 1974 an estimated 50,000 lives have been saved.
Performing the Heimlich maneuver doesn’t require specialized training or equipment, anyone can perform it and save a life.

Ironically, Dr. Heimlich himself didn’t have the opportunity to directly help a chocking person by using his technique until this year when at dinner time a neighbor in the senior community he lived, a lady of 86, begun chocking. Dr. Heimlich took action and yes, saved her life.

Learn how to perform the Heimlich maneuver!

Dr. Heimlich was a physician, World War 2 veteran, author and a hero to the 50,000 people his invention saved already and to the many more who will benefit from it, yet.



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