Apr 032017

Suicide Bomber Caused Explosion At St. Petersburg Subway

Early afternoon on April 3rd 2017, a lone suicide bomber killed 11 and wounded 45 with a homemade bomb on a subway in St. Petersburg in Russia.

Luckily, a second bomb – disguised as a fire extinguisher – was found and disarmed at another subway station in St. Petersburg before it could inflict more devastation.

The identity and affiliations of the suicide bomber are not known at this time. Speculations include an extremist Chechen as well as a terrorist affiliated with ISIS angered over Russia’s military support of Syria.

Following the attack, security was increased at all mass-transportation facilities throughout Russia.

The governor of St. Petersburg, Georgi S. Poltavchenko, declared a three-day morning period in the city. He also called for increased alertness.

Russia isn’t immune to terrorist attacks. Moscow’s subway system was attacked twice in 2004; 48 people have died as a result. Another attack at Moscow’s metro (in 2010) killed 33 people. In 2011 a suicide bomber’s attack at Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport killed over 36 people. In 2013 terrorist attacks on a bus and a train station took the lives of 30. A bomb killed 224 aboard a Russian plane flying from Egypt to Russia – and downed the plane – in 2015. A mystery still surrounds the tragic crash of a plane carrying members of the legendary Alexandrov Ensemble Choir from Russia to Syria in 2016; 92 have perished… Most of the attacks were carried out by Chechnya’s Islamic terrorists, in some the Islamic State claimed responsibility.

It is note-worthy that the latest attack took place during Russian President Putin’s one-day visit to St. Petersburg. The President laid flowers for the victims and injured and was briefed on details of the attack.

President Trump expressed his feelings about the attack by saying: “terrible thing”.

St. Petersburg is the second largest city In Russia and its original capital. It’s a city of historic significance, spectacular architecture and museums that hold some of world’s most impressive art collections. It is also Los Angeles sister city. On this sad day, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a statement on the Tragedy in St. Petersburg:

“My heart is with the people of St. Petersburg, who are coping with tremendous loss and sorrow after today’s deadly explosions. I hope that the source of this unthinkable tragedy is discovered quickly, so that their minds can be eased and normalcy restored. On behalf of all Angelenos, I send prayers for peace and offer whatever assistance we can provide to Governor Poltavchenko and everyone in our beautiful sister city on the Baltic Sea.”
Mayor Eric Garcetti

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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