Apr 242014

Falcon Theatre presents ABBAMEMNONFalcon Theatre presents Troubadour Theater Company’s ABBAMEMNON
Directed by Matt Walker
Previews begin June 6, 2014
OPENS Friday, June 13 at 8pm
April 24, 2014 Burbank, Falcon Theatre is proud to present Troubadour Theater Company’s ABBAMEMNON, directed by Matt Walker. Join us for a hysterical musical reimagining of the classic Greek tragedy Agamemnon, the sordid story of seduction and scheming, with the sweet Swedish sounds of the Seventies. In this irreverent Dancing Queen-filled romp, the Ovation Award-winning Troubadour Theater Company brings the noise, the funk, and the dysfunctional-family vibe to this masterwork of the Greek canon. Why does Cassandra’s S.O.S. plea to Take a Chance on Me fall on the deaf ears of the Elder Chorus? Will Clytemnestra’s plan to kill Agamemnon come to fruition and will The Winner Take All? Will the Watchman ever get to sleep and say I Have a Dream? Will Aegisthus be able to pronounce his own name at Waterloo? Bloody and bold, fierce and funny, this production by the masters of mayhem is sure to entertain and enlighten.