Nov 302016

What Happened To Sherri Papini

Sherri Papini who disappeared during her morning jog in Shasta County (Northern California) on November 2nd was found near Interstate 5 in Yolo County on Thanksgiving.

The details of her condition are just becoming known. When found she was still wearing restraints. After 22 days in captivity (from November 2nd to Thanksgiving) Sherri Papini was emaciated (weighing under 90 pounds!), viciously beaten and tortured, with her hair cut off and a broken nose. Her body was “branded”. Her husband Keith Papini described her shocking condition.

Sherri left her home as a beautiful and happy wife and mother and will be returning to her husband and two children severely traumatized by the ordeal of her abduction.

The fact that Mrs. Papini was found alive is great news. The mystery of her abduction continues. The authorities are looking for two Hispanic women driving a dark SUV. Plenty of DNA evidence was retrieved from 34 year old Sherri Papini’s body.

The question that haunts us all is: who and why would starve and torture another human being? (It’s hard to believe that the suspected perpetrators are women!) Why was Sherri Papini kidnapped: was it a random act or was she chosen for some unknown reason? What was the motif of her abductors? (There was no ransom demand made.)

It will take a long time for Sherri Papini’s physical and mental scars to heal. But there’ll be no recovery until and unless her abductors are identified, arrested and brought to justice.



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