Jun 132012

“Everything is just better in California – the wine, the food, fruits and vegetables, the comforts of living. Even the instrumentalists are generous and curious. Everything is wonderful.” Beth Anderson

Los Angeles is a cornucopia of possibilities and that’s why we call ourselves Anything L.A.

What makes Los Angeles and Anything L.A. Magazine Website so interesting are Los Angeles News and Los Angeles Entertainment which you can find throughout this Website.

Los Angeles News (including L.A. City News; LAPD News and L.A. Metro News) and of course, Earthquake News.

Anything L.A. is The Ultimate Resource of Anything Los Angeles Cares About and it’s growing! Take a test drive and remember: “If they can’t do it in California, it can’t be done anywhere.” Taylor Caldwell In other words, Anything L.A. is Los Angeles Action 24/7 and just a mouse click away…..

Everybody who is anybody in Los Angeles is on AnythingLA.com!