Sep 142016

Stanley Sheinbaum Champion Of Social Justice And Peace Died at 96

Stanley Sheinbaum was an economist, University professor and a publisher. In the 1960’s, he ran for Senate twice, both times unsuccessfully. Even though he never formally entered the political arena, he was an activist who played an important role on it.

He took a stand against the war in Vietnam, helped pave the way to peace negotiations between Israel and PLO and – in the aftermath of the brutal police beating of Rodney King – helped orchestrate the ouster of Los Angeles Police Chief, Daryl Gates.

Sheinbaum served on the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) National Advisory Council, established the American Civil Liberties Foundation of Southern California and founded People for the American Way.

Sheinbaum and his wife Betty lived in Brentwood and regularly entertained people in a position of power (politicians, business tycoons and celebrities) encouraging discussion on peace, social justice and civil liberties. Together with his influential friends, Sheinbaum supported individuals and causes that furthered the agenda of common good.

Stanley Sheinbaum’s life – which wasn’t controversy-free – was a life well-lived. His legacy survives him.

On the passing of Stanley Sheinbaum, Mayor Eric Garcetti said:

“Stanley Sheinbaum embodied what it means to be an Angeleno — giving freely of his time, wisdom, and resources to the causes of justice, equality, peace, and democracy. He loved Los Angeles, and was a tireless advocate whose courageous stances breathed life into monumental change on both the local and global stages — from helping to guide our police department during some of its most difficult days, to clearing the way for historic Middle East peace talks and pushing some of California’s top universities to divest from apartheid-era South Africa. Stanley’s legacy is defined by his generosity, integrity and incredible heart for service, and his work will forever inspire everyone who believes in bringing people together to transform our world for the better.”


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