Mar 262017
Adam Krief With His Wife

Adam Krief With His Wife in happy times

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Adam Krief’s passing. He was young, successful and happy, with an entire life ahead of him. He became stricken with a unique form of leukemia and could have been saved by a matching – not even bone marrow, but blood – donation. Thousands of people wanted to help and have been tested for compatibility. Adam Krief was undergoing chemotherapy for several months while waiting and hoping for a matching donor.

All attempts at saving Adam failed. He leaves behind a wife and three young children as well as his parents, other family members and many friends. Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine stands with Adam Krief’s loved ones in their grief.


If you recall, Anything LA – together with One Human Community – stepped up and attempted to help in finding a matching donor for Adam Krief.

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MANY others did, too. This somber occasion is not the time for personal grievances, but based on our first-hand experience: should someone you love find themselves in a situation like Adam’s, PAY MONEY for the compatibility test, encourage family and friends to PAY. Don’t ask why, that’s what we concluded from a first-hand experience. We have no comment beyond this LIFE-SAVING advice.

Rest in peace Adam….