Aug 112012

Even in California, traditionally America’s land of milk and honey, many have gone from unemployment to food banks. To help the slowly rebounding Los Angeles economy will publish L.A. job listings free to employers to speed up hiring.

In support of Los Angeles employers and job seekers Anything L.A., Los Angeles premiere Website, introduces – free of charge! – L.A. job classifieds.
Whereas the vast majority of Websites – even those offering free classifiedS– charges for for hire ads, has chosen to sponsor them. In an economy in which every dollar counts, providing free L.A. job classifieds is likely to stimulate wider access to local jobs.

Anything L.A. is a well-established Los Angeles Website featuring rich calendar of L.A. events, timely Los Angeles-specific information, a wealth of entertaining videos and affordable L.A. Classifieds.
One could describe as a local entertainment magazine Online with a classifieds section, but it is also a part of the Los Angeles community and not indifferent to its current economic problems. Even though Anything L.A. didn’t offer free classifieds before, it now provides free L.A. job listings in an effort to connect job seekers with employers and help people get back on their feet, faster.
In the aftermath of the 1994 earthquake, Los Angeles united in its efforts to recover. Perhaps the recovery from a natural disaster is “easier” because everyone is affected. The recovery from economic crisis that didn’t affect all Angelenos to the same degree seems to be more complicated. Still, there are many spontaneous expressions of support for those most affected. During last year’s holiday season anonymous “Santas” paid off Christmas presents on layaway. The recent Feed SoCal campaign by ABC7 and Vons has been hugely successful. Bags containing clothing donations are a common sight in front of supermarkets and churches in many areas of L.A.
Anything L.A. is doing its part. Effective immediately, ten day free L.A. Jobs classifieds are available to Los Angeles area employers. (A job is defined by work hours and a regular salary. Listings for affiliate programs, work from home, get rich quickly schemes or commission only gigs are not welcome.)

It is expected that free L.A. job listings will attract local employers and help Angelenos looking for jobs.




About Anything L.A. is a popular, top-ranking Los Angeles Website with over 20,000 social network followers and subscribers.
Frequently updated Events in Los Angeles section of Anything L.A. boasts a wide selection of New Concerts in Los Angeles, Academy Events in Los Angeles, New Entertainment in Los Angeles as well as news from L.A. Stage and L.A. Art. (On occasion, Anything L.A. provides its visitors with updates from LAPD, L.A. Metro and others.)
L.A. Classifieds are equally committed to serving the Los Angeles community and feature exclusively local ads in such categories as Restaurants in L.A.; Los Angeles Cars for Sale; L.A. Apartments for Rent; L.A. Dentists; L.A. Stores; L.A. Lawyers; L.A. Houses for Sale; L.A. Physicians; L.A. Automotive; L.A. Home Improvement and more.

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Aug 092012

If you’re hiring, Advertise L.A. Jobs FREE

The economy isn’t great and many Angelenos lost their jobs. Quite a few are dealing with severe hardship. Many of us have lost their credit scores, incomes, businesses and even homes. ABC7 and Vons have recently sponsored Feed So Cal for California’s food pantries… There are however some promising signs on the horizon indicating that some areas of economy are improving and yes, some sectors are hiring.

We’re all Angelenos, the haves and the have-nots: we stood together through major earthquakes that affected everybody, we should stand together when some of us suffer. Anything L.A. believes that a community has the power to heal itself and that’s why we’re inviting Los Angeles area employers to Advertise L.A. Jobs FREE. (We mean the Greater Los Angeles area jobs, of course!) It is our collective responsibility to recover from bad economy, TOGETHER.

The upcoming presidential election is about job creation; daily survival is about having a job; economical recovery is all about job creation and hiring; our – and our kids’ – future depends on the number and quality of available jobs.


If you’re hiring, Advertise L.A. Jobs FREE

Looking for a Job? We hope that there will be jobs to choose from on L.A. Classifieds’ L.A. Jobs section, soon!

Want Pitch In? Read our press release: perhaps we could make things better together.


Until everybody in Greater Los Angeles has a full time job, let’s not forget those in need.


Feed SoCal isn’t over until everybody is hired: don’t let the dates deceive you: it’s not over till it’s over! Find out how you can help: TODAY!