Aug 242016
Hope 4 Adam

Adam Krief with one of his babies

Our fellow Angeleno, Adam Krief is 31. He is married and has three children, the oldest is just 3 years old.

In July Adam was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of blood cancer. The disease is terminal but a bone marrow transplant can cure it.

None of the currently 13 million people on the bone marrow donor registry is a match for Adam Krief. Together with his wife Lia, Adam launched Hope For Adam on Facebook. In only 10 days over 3,000 registered to help. Still, a match wasn’t found.

Many potential donors – including the perfect match for Adam Krief! – are afraid of the test. The test is PAINLESS and involves only a swab that determines compatibility. The life-saving bone marrow transplant itself (for the donor!) is a little more than donating blood.

Saving Adam’s life won’t cause you pain. It won’t make you weak or sick. It won’t shorten your life. It will require very little of your time. BUT if you happen to be a match…. You’ll be a Hero forever. You, one person, can positively affect the lives of – at least! – five people!

Adam Krief is running out of time and is currently receiving chemotherapy to extend his life until a match for his bone marrow transplant is found. He can’t wait long. Blood cancer is the second deadliest cancer in America. Please act NOW!

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / E. Elrich


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