Mar 042017

Los Angeles Reacts To Arrests For Anti-Semitic Threats

According to multiple sources, an arrest has been made and a suspect in multiple threats against Jewish Community Centers is in custody. The 31 year old African American man, identified as Juan Thompson was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri. He is accused of making at least eight threats nationwide.

It appears that the anti-Jewish threats have been made as a part of his campaign to get even with his white ex-girlfriend. Thompson is not suspected of committing any acts of violence but attempting to destroy the ex-girlfriend’s reputation by falsely reporting her as a racist and anti-Semite, creating and carrying out a nationwide campaign of fear by phone and Online which included making anti-Semitic threats in her name.

In response to the arrest (and possibly others which have not been made public, yet), City Attorney Mike Feuer released the following statement:

“We applaud the work of federal law enforcement officials in this morning’s arrest of a suspect in connection with threats made against Jewish community centers. While these threats targeted the Jewish community in particular, they are part of a broader wave of acts of hate that assault our most basic American values.

Here in Los Angeles, my Office, LAPD, federal law enforcement and interfaith leaders are unified in our condemnation of such acts and in strong support of all members of our community.”

In a statement praising the arrest, Mayor Garcetti said:

“The acts of hate and antisemitism that have threatened our Jewish community in recent weeks are an attack on all of us — and they undermine our most fundamental American values. On behalf of our entire city, I thank our federal law enforcement partners for their commitment and hard work to arrest a suspect today in connection with these unconscionable acts.
“Los Angeles has always been a city of kind, compassionate people who stand together, and speak up for one another in the face injustice. I am committed to protecting those values, and we will not stop working until we know every Angeleno can feel safe.”




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