Jan 232018

Life Goes On


We’ve been biding time in hope that it will solve our problems. It didn’t happen, at least not yet.

Still, time marches on and none of us can afford to put our lives on hold. So here is a recap of what happened since the day Los Angeles Liberal Magazine went on hiatus. (Click on any of the links below to read more.)


United States Of Righteous Indignation


Californian Values Stand In Spite Of Fires And Flood But The Trash Stinks


#MeToo And #TimesUp Movement Call For Social Justice


And here we are: Anything L.A., Los Angeles Liberal Magazine stands by Californian values. We are forward thinking, socially sensitive and climate change aware. We believe in healthcare for all as well as living wages and human rights, human rights of all: including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.
We don’t hold a grudge against anyone EXCEPT of those whose decisions / actions endanger our lives, future and values.

But enough politics, we all have multifaceted lives and many interests unrelated to politics. In this spirit, Anything L.A. will try to limit our coverage to news that don’t involve our “Very Stable Genius” In-Chief directly and expand on other interests Angelenos share. Never mind politics, let’s talk life!!!

Our faith that the American Spirit and American Values will eventually prevail is unshakable.

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich

Jan 212018

“Me, too” And “Time’s Up” Movement Call For Social Justice

There is no better day to reflect on the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement(s) than the day following the massive Women’s Marches in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. These weren’t voices of the “suffragettes” we’ve just heard. These are the voices of the human beings who balance checkbooks, give lives and raise future generations. They know what our collective household’s needs are and how to meet them, better than anyone. Hats off to the spectacular women, men and families who marched for a better life, yesterday!

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movement(s) begun with accusations leveled against the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who was initially outed by one person, the actress Rose McGowan. She was soon joined by other female, well-known American – and not only American – actresses. The list of over 50 accusers includes many A-listers. (Eventually, Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman, left him and he was forced out from the company he founded.)

In response to the shockingly long list of victims of one man’s – Harvey Weinstein’s – victims, actress Alyssa Milano created the #MeToo hashtag on Twitter which opened the floodgates for women from all walks of life who suffer – or suffered – sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace. We have quickly learned the magnitude of sexual harassment in the U.S.

Meanwhile, other male celebrities, entertainment industry heavyweights, politicians, etc. continue being outed. Some of the best known names include: Tavis Smiley, Mario Batali, Matt Lauer, Dustin Hoffman, Sen. Al Franken, Charlie Rose, Roy Moore, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, and others.

Out of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement came about #TimesUp. #TimesUp took center stage at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards which gave exposure to the solidarity of women against sexual harassment which was on full display when all female participants of the event wore black. (Of course, the most profound statement on #TimesUp came in form of a fiery speech given by Oprah during the Golden Globe Awards ceremony.)

Sexual harassment and / or sexual assault aren’t laughing matters and against popular opinion have nothing to do with sex. The life of a sexually harassed – or sexually assaulted – person is severely damaged and in some cases, permanently destroyed. It’s not about sex. It’s about human life. We each have only one and it is ours to run. Nobody – regardless of their success, gender, money or power – has the right to damage or destroy another. Each of us has ONE life and no claim on the lives of others. Sexual abuse in its many forms changes the trajectory of human lives.

The perpetrator’s abuse of power compels sexual harassment and / or sexual assault victims to give up their beliefs and dreams. The pursuit of safety often becomes more important to them than life itself. Their self-respect, leave alone self-esteem plummets. Many succumb to the trauma entirely (out of respect for victims, we are not naming names!) use alcohol or drugs to cope and stop pursuing their goals.

For the perpetrators nothing changes. They lead “successful” lives, have rewarding careers and sleep well at night. If anything, their self-confidences raises with each “conquest”.

This could have been a long story detailing individual instances of sexually violated individuals who failed miserably at the game of life in the aftermath of sexual assault. It isn’t.

This is a brief story intended to inspire men to think. For just a moment, forget about sex. How would YOU feel if someone in a position of power attacked you, overpowered and / or threatened you and yours, limited your options, deprived you of what’s rightfully yours and effectively derailed your whole life?…

Do not diminish – leave alone, ignore! – a woman’s complaints about workplace sexual misconduct suffered at the hands of a superior or coworker. She isn’t speaking about a flattering compliment but criminal behavior which may threaten hers – and by extension, yours! – way of life.

Anything L.A., Los Angeles Liberal Magazine supports #MeToo and #TimesUp: sex crimes of any magnitude violate human rights. The shape of genitals and bank balances aside, we are all equally human. Violations of human rights and social injustice aren’t male or female. They compromise our collective humanity.

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich

United States Of Righteous Indignation


Californian Values Stand In Spite Of Fires And Flood But The Trash Stinks


#MeToo And #TimesUp Movement Call For Social Justice




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Aug 162017

White Los Angeles Against White Supremacy


Anything L.A. – Los Angeles Liberal Magazine – unequivocally condemns white supremacy, hate groups, hate crimes and white hypocrisy in Washington D.C.


We all have CULTURAL preferences and sentiments. The concept of white supremacy, KKK and the Neo-Nazi movement however has nothing to do with cultural sentiments. These people actually believe that their skin color alone entitles them to superiority over others. But there is NO superiority, leave alone supremacy based on race. There is supremacy based on merit, only.

White power, white supremacy, KKK and the Neo-Nazi movement have no merit and no power. Members of these organizations use vandalism and violence to assert their imaginary power.
Real merit and power can be easily and openly asserted. Think of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, each of them has proven his value: peacefully and constructively. Each earned our respect. Recently, an older man – by the name of Jose Prieto – gave his life while trying to help a woman and children in the aftermath of a massive car crash on the 10 freeway in Fontana. He was a real man, a remarkable human being and a Good Samaritan. His life mattered. His legacy has value. These are examples of superiority based on merit; superiority earned. (There are of course, many other examples: there are African American preachers, politicians, professionals, artists, etc. who have earned their way to success and recognition like the individuals I named above.)

Since President Trump took office instances of vandalism of houses of worship and cemeteries that are not Christian are on the rise. There were two well-publicized cases of American nationalists who killed foreigners to “rid America of illegal immigrants”. (In the first case, the victim was an American citizen and a successful businessman. In the second, the victims were highly-skilled professionals from India here on work visas to help make America greater, yet.) The latest outburst of white nationalism killed Heather Heyer: she was white, born and raised in the United States, professional and patriotic that’s why she was among the counter protesters in Charlottesville.

In solidarity with victims and survivors of the white supremacists’ rally in Charlottesville (Virginia), Anything L.A. – Los Angeles Liberal Magazine – unequivocally condemns white supremacy, hate groups, hate crimes AND white hypocrisy in Washington D.C. In the same spirit, we suspend all further activity (including our newsletter) until the United States of America have a President that represents the majority of Americans.

As much as we tried to pretend that Los Angeles is an island, it isn’t. We, our city and our values are threatened by the actions of – and statements from – the White House. It isn’t possible to provide coverage of our city while ignoring United States’ news and the world’s reactions to them.

It was never our magazine’s intent to judge the leadership of our Country and until President Trump came to power we never did. As it is, it’s impossible not to. When the federal government tramples on American values staying silent implies acceptance. Let there be no misunderstanding: WE DON’T SUPPORT – LEAVE ALONE, SHARE – PRESIDENT TRUMP’S VIEWS. Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine isn’t anti-government. It is against the erosion of American values and terrorism either foreign or domestic.

For the record: Anything L.A. – Los Angeles Liberal Magazine – is published and run by white people who are American patriots and support American values.

American values don’t include the destruction of natural environment, intentional acceleration of global warming, economic discrimination, divisiveness, racial discrimination, walls that divide nations, religious discrimination, immigration policy that rips families apart, hate groups, white nationalism, hate crime, relentless attempts to deprive Americans of healthcare, a return to the dark days of Confederacy, violence or vandalism.

Be sure to understand: the so called “white power” DOESN’T represent all white people. Normal white people are as outraged and disgusted by the actions of “white supremacists” as the minorities being targeted by them. Perhaps unlike the minorities, we understand better that the “white supremacists” are losers. They have no merit or credibility as individuals or as a “movement”. Worse, we are embarrassed by the fact that we – the normal white people – may be perceived as a part of the “white nationalism”. The difference between the “white supremacists” and all other white people isn’t political, but moral. For the President of the United States to take the side of immorality blows our collective white mind!

Make no mistake, Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine didn’t fold. We will resume the day common sense and American values return to Washington. Until then: GOD BLESS AMERICA, we hope and pray that once the current storm passes there’ll be enough of the America we know and love left to restore it to its former glory.

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich




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May 312017

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine Suspends White House News

Everybody knows Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine for its coverage of current news in Los Angeles, California, the White House, United States and occasionally, the world.

We went recently on a hiatus to re-think the direction of our magazine and here is what we concluded.

Los Angeles and California rule! Our City, State and their leadership are progressive. They stand for human rights, tolerance, consumer protection as well as social and economic justice. They are committed to environmental protection and delaying climate change. They insist on guarding our safety, health, justice and prosperity even at the risk of contradicting the federal government. Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine wholeheartedly supports Los Angeles’ and California’s direction and will continue reporting on Los Angeles, notable Angelenos and California.

The world experiences ups and downs. There are news, changes and yes, terrorists still wreck havoc, murder and maim innocent people. Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine will continue its coverage of world’s major news and will always stand in solidarity with democracies anywhere in the world.

United States news matter to us all and Anything L.A. will continue reporting on developments that have a nationwide impact.

As for the White House that runs the Country we all love: the current political climate doesn’t lend itself to objective coverage or objective commentary. As progressives we can’t – and don’t – condone the current direction of our Country. Quite frankly, if America continues being made great again at this pace, it may just implode and take us all with her….

As much as a hair color or body weight are – and should be – off limits, the lack of ethics, blatant conflicts of interest, perpetuating economic disparity, social injustice, lack of compassion, spreading “alternative facts”, political shortsightedness, lack of environmental responsibility and the diminishing authority of the United States in the world are not. And yet, in a Country whose Constitution grants the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, legitimate news reporting is referred to – by the White House – as “fake news”. Republican Greg Gianforte – who was charged with attacking a reporter while still a candidate – has nevertheless won the special election for Montana’s U.S. House seat. Hate crime is on the rise. Truth-tellers are being consistently ridiculed, demeaned and defamed by the White House, many Republican politicians and conservative voters. The phrase “I don’t trust the media” seems to have become a Republican mantra.

The truth is that no American patriot can maintain an objective perspective when our Country, its security, health, environment, prosperity and future are at stake. (It’s impossible not to react when the Country and people we love are in danger!) That’s why Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine suspends its White House news coverage and will from now on abstain as much as possible from reporting and commenting on POLITICAL developments in the White House, Washington D.C. and the United States at large until the direction of our Country changes.

Anything L.A. will continue championing progressive American values. To compensate for the lack of White House news coverage, we’ll expand other sections of our magazine.

The world maybe in a flux, our Country may have lost its way, but California and Los Angeles continue being true to American – or perhaps today, Californian – values.

Anything LA. Magazine stands with the majority of Angelenos who believe that future is forward. We hope that our wise readers – most of whom share our liberal / democratic views – will understand.

Jun 122016

We Stand With Florida

Anything L.A., the City of Los Angeles and the State of California: we ALL stand with the victims and survivors of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Jan 142015

Oscars® Nominations Announcement LIVE On Anything L.A.The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce the 87th Oscars® Nominations on Thursday, January 15th 2015, 5:30 a.m. PST at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

You’ll be able to watch the LIVE stream of 2014 Oscars® Nominations Announcement LIVE On Anything L.A.! (To view 2014 Oscars® Nominations Announcement LIVE, click on the picture, BELOW!)

Jun 132014

David Mamet's "Race" at the Kirk Douglas Theatre EVENT:  “Race”
by David Mamet
Directed by Scott Zigler

DESCRIPTION:   Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet tackles America’s most   controversial subject in his provocative tale of sex, guilt and bold accusations. In Race,” two lawyers find themselves defending a wealthy white executive charged with sexually assaulting a black woman.  When a new legal assistant gets involved in the case, the opinions that boil beneath explode to the surface.

DATES/TIMES: Previews Begin August 31. Opens September 7.  Continues through September 28, 2014. Previews: (August 31 through September 6.)Sunday through Saturday at 8 p.m.  No performance on Monday. Opens September 7 at 6:30 p.m. Regular Performances (beginning September 9): Tuesday through Friday at 8 p.m.; Saturday at 2 and 8 p.m.; Sunday at 1 and 6:30 p.m. No performance on Mondays.

Jun 112014

Mayor Eric GarcettiGarcetti: State Cap-and-Trade Could Benefit L.A. Transit Projects
Mayor Eric Garcetti joined state lawmakers on June 6 in support of legislation he said would fund local public transportation and transit-oriented projects. State Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and State Sen. Kevin de Leon visited a downtown Los Angeles transportation facility with Garcetti to discuss their plan to carve out a portion of California’s cap-and-trade proceeds for public transportation and transit-oriented development projects.The facility where the three officials met is being renovated into a LEED-certified lot that will house 200 low-emission buses as part of a project that would be eligible for the funding proposed in the plan. Garcetti touted the proposal as “smart legislation that would spend cap-and-trade funding where it naturally should be spent.” “Cities are where we work, where we live, but they’re also where we pollute, so addressing the needs of cities like Los Angeles is critical in tackling climate change,” the mayor said.

California’s 2006 law, AB 32, uses a cap-and-trade system to encourage companies and organizations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The “cap” sets a limit on the amount of pollutants that can be released a year and penalizes companies that exceed that limit. The cap is lowered 2 to 3 percent every year. Under the “trade” part of the law, companies that fail to meet the pollution standard can buy credits from those companies whose pollution levels are below the legal maximum. As the state’s emissions standards tighten, the allowances, or credits, would potentially become scarcer and costlier, pushing polluters to seek other strategies to meet the cap.

The legislators’ plan would create a permanent pot of money taken from revenue generated from this cap-and-trade process. The funds would specifically benefit transportation-related projects, potentially in Los Angeles, under the Democratic senators’ plan. “Action is long overdue, but California is preparing to lead the nation in fighting climate change, and where better to start than right here in Los Angeles,” De Leon said. Steinberg said the fund, which could be invested into projects that put homes near public transit, would “dramatically reduce emissions” and “be a huge victory for our environment, our economy and the people of Los Angeles.”
Posted by Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on June 07, 2014
Published by Westside Today.

Jun 022014

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in partnership with the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), will present “Arab Cinema Classics,” a two-day screening series of the best in Arab film on Friday, June 13, and Saturday, June 21, at the Bing Theater in Los Angeles. With input from nearly 500 prominent film critics, writers, novelists, academics and other arts professionals, DIFF in 2013 compiled a tally of the 100 greatest Arab films of all time. The Academy will screen three selections from DIFF’s Top 10: “The Night of Counting the Years” (“Al-Mummia,” 1970) Friday, June 13, at 7:30 p.m. Director Shadi Abdel Salam’s film is based on the true story of the Horabat tribe’s 1881 plundering of pharaohs’ tombs in the ancient city of Thebes.  Long unavailable for exhibition, the film was restored in 2009 by Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation. “Cairo Station” (“Bab el Hadid,” 1958) Friday, June 13, at 9:20 p.m.

Directed by the internationally renowned Egyptian auteur Youssef Chahine, the film takes place at Cairo’s main railroad station, commonly referred to as the Iron Gate, and offers a tense portrait of life at the margins of Egyptian society. “West Beirut” (“West Beyrouth,” 1998) Saturday, June 21, at 7:30 p.m. With special guest writer/director Ziad Doueiri. This directorial debut of Ziad Doueiri is set in the tumultuous spring of 1975, as the Lebanese Civil War unfolds.  Following the lives of two teenagers from the Muslim section of Beirut, the film blends the personal and the historical into a vibrant coming-of-age drama.

The screening series is part of the Academy’s International Outreach initiative, which brings together Academy members representing a range of cinematic crafts with filmmakers and film lovers from around the world. “The vibrancy of Arab cinema today owes much to the rich legacy and proud history of Arab filmmaking,” said Sid Ganis, chair of the International Outreach Committee.  “The Academy is pleased to embrace some of the region’s most influential films and artists through this Los Angeles presentation.”

Tickets for each evening of Arab Cinema Classics is $5 general admission and $3 for Academy members, LACMA Film Club members and students with a valid ID. Tickets may be purchased starting June 3 online at www.oscars.org.  The Bing Theater is located at 5905 Wilshire Boulevard on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art campus. For more information, call (310) 247-3600 or visit www.oscars.org.

May 302014

The Academy Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of Napoleon DynamiteTHE ACADEMY CELEBRATES 10 YEARS OF “NAPOLEON DYNAMITE”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the indie comedy hit “Napoleon Dynamite” with writer-director Jared Hess and star Jon Heder participating in a live commentary screening and conversation on Monday, June 9, at 7:30 p.m. at the Bing Theatre on the LACMA campus. The event is the second in the Academy’s “Live Commentary!” series, inaugurated last year with a screening of “The Princess Bride” with Jason Reitman and Rob Reiner. The format, a live version of commentaries typically included on DVDs and other recorded media, opens the door to illuminating anecdotes, behind-the-scenes details and filmmaker insights in real time.

May 272014

SUNDAY JUNE 1, 2014 AT 5:00PM CLUB NOKIA: The University of Mixed Martial Arts (aka “The U”) is a Los Angeles-based fight promotion specializing in exciting, high-octane, upscale amateur MMA events around the Southern California region. Its mandate is to provide a stage for young, aspiring fighters to hone their MMA skills and develop themselves as marketable personalities and respectable ambassadors of the sport. The U was founded in 2010, running its first show on September 19th of that year at the Irvine Marriott in Irvine, CA, as part of the inaugural California Amateur MMA Organization (CAMO) State Tournament. It ran four shows throughout Southern California in 2011. The U serves as a scouting show for professional MMA organizations. Each event is sanctioned by CAMO, which upholds the highest safety standards in the nation for amateur competition. The team behind the U collectively has over 20 years of professional promoting experience at the highest level of the sport, including international and domestic events which were broadcast on pay-per-view, cable, and network television in the United States, Japan, and Great Britain. For tomorrow’s MMA stars and champions … IT STARTS HERE!

May 252014

The Academy To celebrate 25th Anniversary Of DO THE RIGHT THINGTHE ACADEMY TO CELEBRATE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF “DO THE RIGHT THING” WITH SPIKE LEE Screenings and Live Discussion in Los Angeles and New York. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the seminal film “Do the Right Thing” with writer-director Spike Lee and members of the film’s cast and crew at two special screening events: on June 27 in Los Angeles at the Bing Theater, and on June 29 in Brooklyn at the BAM Harvey Theater. Lee’s groundbreaking third feature, set on a single block in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood on summer’s hottest day, features a large ensemble cast including Lee, Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, and then-newcomers John Turturro, Samuel L. Jackson and Rosie Perez.  It earned Oscar® nominations for Original Screenplay (Lee) and Best Supporting Actor (Aiello). Los Angeles (Friday, June 27)“Do the Right Thing” 25th Anniversary Screening  and Conversation 8:30 p.m. at the Bing Theater on LACMA campus  Moderated by John Singleton Panel discussion includes Spike Lee, costume designer Ruth E. Carter, casting director Robi Reed, production supervisor Preston Holmes and former Universal executive Tom Pollock.
New York (Sunday, June 29) “Do the Right Thing” 25th Anniversary Screening and Conversation for Closing Night of BAMcinemaFest  Co-presentation with  BAMcinématek  5 p.m. on the Steinberg Screen at the BAM Harvey Theater Moderated by Khalil Gibran Muhammad, director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Panel discussion includes Spike Lee; actors Danny Aiello, Giancarlo Esposito, Bill Nunn and Rick Aiello; film editor Barry Brown; and production designer Wynn Thomas. The Academy will also host the screening series “By Any Means Necessary: A Spike Lee Joints Retrospective,” beginning with a screening of “25th Hour” (2002) on Thursday, June 26, at 7:30 p.m. at the Academy’s Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood.  The evening also marks the opening of the photography exhibit “WAKE UP! David C. Lee Photographs the Films of Spike Lee,” in the theater foyer through September. “By Any Means Necessary: A Spike Lee Joints Retrospective” continues July 11–27 at the Linwood Dunn Theater and the Bing Theater in Los Angeles, and June 29–July 10 at BAMcinématek in New York.  Please visit oscars.org and BAM.org for more information.

May 172014

California Is Losing Tens Of Thousands Of Middle Class JobsMayors from Across CA Support Effort to Expand California Film & Television Production Tax Credit Program Posted by Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti .

In a call for action to support job retention and creation in one of California’s signature industries, the mayors from California’s largest cities — Los Angeles, Sacramento, Long Beach, San Francisco, Fresno, San Diego, Bakersfield, Santa Ana, Oakland and San Jose – today signed a letter backing legislation that will expand and improve California’s film and television production tax credit. In the letter, the mayors assert, “Extending California’s film and television production tax credit program is a smart, prudent investment in California’s future and economic competitiveness. The program is one of California’s most efficient and proven economic development tools, generating 51,000 jobs and providing $4.5 billion in direct spending since its inception in 2009.”

The letter comes at a time when California is losing tens of thousands of middle-class jobs and significant tax revenue to other states and nations when it comes to film and television production. Of the 54 big budget feature films of 2012 and 2013, only one was shot exclusively in California. Further, the current program does not accord tax credits to network, premium pay cable or Internet television series produced in California, all of which are now being produced elsewhere. Given these realities, few understand better than the mayors who are on the frontlines working to keep their cities thriving, the economic benefits that film and television production brings to local economies and the serious financial impact of this exodus of jobs and revenue.

“This is about middle class jobs across our state,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “California’s current incentive program is not competitive — the demand for productions that want to stay here far exceeds the current program’s resources. As a result, hundreds of productions are forced to relocate outside of California.  By providing incentives for productions to remain or locate here, local employees are hired and the local economy is revitalized.”

The legislation, Assembly Bill 1839 by State Assemblymembers Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) and Raul Bocanegra (D-Pacoima), is currently making its way through the state Legislature with broad bipartisan and geographic support. It has been co-authored by 66 legislators from across the state, and is supported by major state labor and business groups such as the California Labor Federation AFL-CIO and California Chamber of Commerce. In fact, the Regional Economic Association Leaders (R.E.A.L.) Coalition, an association of California’s 20 most influential business and economic development entities, also issued a definitive letter advocating for the bill’s enactment. Moreover, local government groups such as the League of California Cities and the 41 local film commission offices support the legislation.

“This is an economic development program focused on the retention and creation of jobs and economic opportunity,” asserts Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. “Enhancing the current program will help build a strong state and local tax base, and it is a wise strategic investment in California’s future.”

“A thriving film and television industry in San Francisco is creating jobs and economic opportunity for the residents of our world class city,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. “This Statewide economic investment not only ensures that California remains competitive, but also brings an influx of local spending and tax revenue for the entire Bay

Area region and showcases our region to the world through the magic of the silver screen.”
The letter concludes with the mayors avowing that “to once again be competitive, California must put in place a meaningful, expanded credit that will bring back jobs, increase revenue, and support small businesses and vendors all across the state. Too much is at stake for the people of California to let this key industry slip away.”

May 152014

Mythbusters Behind The Myths Tour Returns to Nokia Theatre Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE & AEG Live are thrilled to announce that the live show MythBusters: Behind the Myths, starring Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, co-hosts of the Emmy-nominated Discovery series “MythBusters,” returns to Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE for one night only on Wednesday, December 17th at 8:00 p.m. Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday, May 16, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.  The show originally played at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in January 2012 – and is making its return due to overwhelming demand. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are back at it again with the return of Mythbusters: Behind the Myths in Los Angeles on December 17th 2014. Their new show promises to be an outrageous evening of entertainment featuring brand new onstage experiments, behind-the-scenes stories, and some of your all-time favorites.  A new immersive video experience will keep you bolted to your seat.  MythBusters: Behind the Myths brings you face-to-face with the curious world of Jamie and Adam as the duo matches wits on stage with each other and members of the audience.  In late 2013, the show performed a 28-city national tour playing sold out performances all over the country.  One of the most highly regarded and watched series on the Discovery Channel, “MythBusters” is now in its twelfth season. Co-hosted by Hyneman and Savage, the show mixes scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old- fashioned ingenuity to create its own signature style of explosive experimentation – and the supporting or de-bunking of urban myths that we live with day to day. Adam and Jamie have become spokespersons at large for applying science to real life – most recently as hosts of the Discovery Channel special “”iGenius:

How Steve Jobs Changed the World,” and have appeared on numerous shows including “Late Show with David Letterman,” “Good Morning America,” “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “The Colbert Report,” NPR’s “All Things Considered” and “Morning Edition,” “Countdown with Keith Olberman,” and many more.  They were invited to participate in Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Fear And/Or Sanity and have received the Young Artist Award for inspiring young people in the interest of science. The MythBusters have been invited to participate on a panel at Comic-Con, where their appearances have sold-out four years running.
Adam and Jamie serve as guest editors for Popular Mechanics and were featured on the cover of the September 2009 issue.  That same year, they were inducted as honorary members into Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.  They are Honorary Lifetime Members of the California Science Teachers Association and were named Honorary Engineers and Honorary Members of the Francis Crowe Society at the University of Maine.  Both Hyneman and Savage were given honorary Doctorates at the University of Twente in the Netherlands for their efforts at popularization of science.
Adam and Jamie produced and starred in an H1N1 Public Service Announcement for the White House, and were chosen by the President to retest the Archimedes legend using 500 schoolchildren as surrogate soldiers.  They appeared as themselves in the movie Darwin Awards and have made several cameos on other TV shows, including CSI.  And In 2010, Hyneman and Savage received the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism from the Harvard Secular Society.
About Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage
Jamie Hyneman is the owner of M5 Industries, an effects company specializing in problematic custom builds. Besides serving as headquarters of “MythBusters,” M5 continues to work on various research & development projects for private clients. After trying his hand at careers as various as librarian at the United Nations in Geneva to running a diving and sailing charter business in the Caribbean, Hyneman began his career in show business as special effects shop assistant in New York and later in San Francisco as a crew member on films including “Robocop,” “Arachnophobia” and “Naked Lunch.”  While managing Colossal Pictures’ model shop in San Francisco, Hyneman was given the opportunity to take over – and M5 Industries was born.
Hyneman graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Russian. He has received an honorary engineering degree from the University of Maine as well as an honorary doctorate of engineering from Villanova University, with whom he has an ongoing collaborative relationship to help develop new safety concepts for the military. He is the holder of several patents and the winner of numerous industry awards. Hyneman currently resides the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife. Adam Savage received a call from Jamie Hyneman in 2002 to participate in a demo for a TV show, which turned into the wildly popular Discovery Channel & SBS series “MythBusters.”
Savage immersed himself in the NYC arts scene before moving to San Francisco in 1990 to parlay his skills into the thriving theater scene. There he worked for dozens of companies as set designer, prop master, art director and producer before falling into the machine art community where he learned welding, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics and robot-building. After exhibiting his work in over 50 art shows nationwide, Savage caught the eye of the special effects industry and began working as a prop builder and art director for major commercials for Sega, Coca-Cola, Nike, Burger King and Chevrolet. His work on a Coca-Cola commercial earned him a Clio Award nomination.
After a 18-month stint as head of research & development for startup toy company ZOOB, Savage joined George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, where he worked on “Star Wars: Episodes 1 and 2,” “Galaxy Quest,” “Space Cowboys,” “A.I.,” “Terminator 3,” “The Mummy,” and dozens of commercials. During this time he also worked as model-shop supervisor for the two “Matrix” sequels as well as taught at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.  Savage continues to dabble in his multiple hobbies, including passionately restoring his vintage four-wheel drive vehicle and accruing new pieces for his movie prop collection. He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife, twin boys and two dogs.
About MagicSpace Entertainment
Principals Lee D. Marshall, Joe Marsh, John Ballard, Steve Boulay and Bruce Granath have been producing and presenting shows worldwide for over 30 years. “We have had the pleasure and privilege of producing and presenting many great shows and tours over the years,” says Lee Marshall, MagicSpace CEO. “Our strength has always been the ability to find great opportunities that do not fit into any pre-conceived template. We get excited about projects, which have the potential to find an audience. It doesn’t matter to us if the show is a concert tour, an exhibition, an arena spectacle or a Broadway musical. Our strength is finding new opportunities and then paying a great deal of attention to how they are managed. We feel we are uniquely positioned to thrive in the current marketplace where traditional formulas and business models are thrown out and new ones need to be invented daily.”

Tickets for Mythbusters: Behind the Myths are available for groups of 10 or more by calling 1-877-AEG-Tickets (1-877-234-8425). Tickets will be available at www.AXS.com, STAPLES Center Box Office or charge by phone at 888-929-7849.

May 072014


American Express® ticket presale begins tomorrow!
Tickets On-Sale Friday, May 16 at 10:00 AM

Jesus Christ Superstar, the global phenomenon that has wowed audiences for over 40 years, is reimagined for the 21st century as an arena rock spectacular.  The biggest ever North American arena tour of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s groundbreaking rock musical is coming to the Southland – July 20 at Honda Center and July 26 at STAPLES Center – with an extraordinary cast of rock, pop and R&B superstars.  Tickets will go on sale Friday, May 16 at 10:00 AM.

Tickets for the Honda Center performance can be purchased at ticketmaster.com or by calling 800-745-3000.  Tickets will be available to purchase at the Honda Center box office beginning Saturday, May 17 at 10:00 AM.

Tickets for the STAPLES Center performance can be purchased at AXS.com, by calling call 888-929-7849 or at the STAPLES Center box office.

American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets for both shows before the general public beginning Wednesday, May 7 at 10:00 AM.  Tickets range from $44.50 to $224.50 with a limited number of Gold Circle seats and VIP Experience packages available.  Additional ticket fees may apply.

Brandon Boyd, Grammy® nominated lead vocalist of rock band Incubus, is confirmed for the role of ‘Judas Iscariot’, Grammy® nominated *NSYNC vocalist, JC Chasez, will play ‘Pontius Pilate’, Grammy® Award winner and member of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, will take the female lead as ‘Mary Magdalene’, English singer-songwriter and lead singer in Public Image Ltd. (PiL) and Sex Pistols, John Rotten Lydon, will play ‘King Herod’ and introducing British actor and singer, Ben Forster, who won England’s ITV Superstar competition in 2012 and played the lead role in the UK and Australian arena tours of Jesus Christ Superstar, will revive his role as ‘Jesus.’   With over 50 cast and musicians on stage this is one arena show that can’t be missed!

The North American leg comes on the heels of the wildly successful UK and Australian arena tours, which began in the UK in September 2012 and commenced in Australia in May 2013. The Times said  “The show gets the right balance between the spectacular, the jokey and the sincere. The performances from the well-choreographed supporting cast are fine throughout. Honestly, it’s enough to give rock opera a good name.”

The Evening Chronicle exclaimed, “the extravagance of the production, a flamboyant spectacle of acrobatics, dramatic flames and provocative pole dancing,” and Liverpool Daily Post claimed,  “Restored to its rock roots, the star-studded second coming of Jesus Christ Superstar is big, brash and bold…” and the Manchester Evening News stated, “from the very opening strains the pounding music, the huge and sophisticated video backdrops and pulsating energy from a talented ensemble cast make this a true spectacle.”

“Jesus Christ Superstar began life as a rock album…probably because nobody believed back in 1969 that you could present a stage musical about the last days of the life of Jesus Christ.  I shall never forget its first live performance in the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh on July 12th 1971.  Of course JCS subsequently became a legit theatre stalwart, but I, personally, have always hankered after seeing it again in the arenas where it started,” said Andrew Lloyd Webber.

“In 1971 Andrew and I were thrilled by the first-ever Jesus Christ Superstar tour of the United States,” said Tim Rice. “We certainly did not imagine then that 43 years later we would be witnessing another America-wide tour of our first big hit show. We are delighted and grateful that enthusiasm for Superstar has been maintained over the years and this new production presents the work in its most powerful format – as a true rock experience.”

“I’m excited to be involved with Jesus Christ Superstar,” said Michael Cohl.  “The show has evolved greatly over the past 40 years and it is exhilarating to be a part of a project that marries this incredible property and its extraordinary music with the new, innovative technology that has become available for live shows.  This arena rock spectacular is a whole new experience for fans.”

“I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing production!” said Brandon Boyd.  “I grew up on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classics and never imagined I would be playing a role in one, let alone with such an incredibly diverse cast of players. Truly an honor!”

“When I heard Jesus Christ Superstar was coming to the States, I was excited at the idea to be a part of telling one of the most influential stories in history through the scope of such a talented composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber,” said JC Chasez.  “I’m excited to work with such a dynamic cast, and to bring Jesus Christ Superstar back to its roots as a rock arena experience.”

“I am so excited to be part of such a legendary production alongside an amazing cast!, said Michelle Williams.  “I am truly looking forward to this experience!”

“I’m here to sing with the King of the Jews, who could ask for anything more?” said John Rotten Lydon.

“I feel so excited to bring this production to North America,” said Ben Forster.  “America has to experience this rock arena spectacular as Andrew Lloyd Webber envisaged it. I am the real life Billy Elliot, from a coal mining city in the north of England to touring huge arenas across North America! You are about to witness my dream come true!”

The Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Spectacular North American Tour is presented by S2BN Entertainment and The Really Useful Group.

May 052014

Ahmanson Theatre The Last ConfessionRICHARD O’CALLAGHAN JOINS THE CAST OF “THE LAST CONFESSION” Replaces the Previously Announced Brian Bedford in the Role of Pope John Paul I U.S. Premiere Opens June 11 at the CTG/ Ahmanson Theatre
Eminent British actor Richard O’Callaghan will replace Brian Bedford as Pope John Paul I in “The Last Confession,” a gripping new play of intrigue and mystery which begins previews on June 7 and opens in its United States premiere at the Center Theatre Group/Ahmanson Theatre on June 11, 20 14. Bedford ,who was previously announced for the role
has withdrawn from the production due to illness. Richard O Callaghan created the part of Pope John Paul I in Roger Crane’s “The Last Confession” at London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket , receiving excellent reviews . He will appear once again with David Suchet (best known as Hercule Poirot in the eponymously named, award – winning TV series) on this international tour directed by Jonathan Church and featuring a cast of actors frm Canada, USA, Australia and the U .K. O’Callaghan’s performance was widely a claimed: “Richa rd O’ Callaghan is excellent,” said Georgia Brown, Mail On Sunday ;

“Richard O’Callaghan is impressive as the kind and unworldly John Paul,” according to Fiona Mountford, London Evening Standard;and “Richard O’Callaghan as Pope John Paul shows the Pope as a powerful man intent on reform. His is an exceptional performance,”said Paul Callan,Daily Express .O’Callaghan has starred in numerous London productions including  “Amadeus ”at Her Majesty’s Theatre , Haymarket ;“Butley ” at the Criterion Theatre ;“Three Months Gone ” at the Royal Court Theatre ;“Twelfth Night ” at the Regents Park Theatre and “Titus Andronicus”at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Producer Paul Elliott said,“It is a great shame tha t Brian Bedford cannot be with this unique adventure and we wish him a good and swift recovery. We are fortunat e and excited to have Richard O’Callaghan reprising his London performance .”Set within the corridors of power in the Vatican, “The Last Confes si on” explores the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of Pope John Paul I in 1978.

He died only 33 days after being elected and before he could set his liberal reforms into place. Suspicions are aroused when it is revealed that the new Pope had warne d three of his most influential but hostile Cardinals that they would be replaced on the evening before his death. The Vatican refuses to conduct an official investigation into the death but the politically savvy Cardinal Giovanni Benelli  (played by Suchet ), who had engineered the election of Pope John Paul I, is determined to find the truth.

Richard O’Callaghan replaces Brian Bedford in “The Last Confession”– 22 Charles Spencer of the Daily Telegraph said about “The Last Confession,”“What a pleasure to encounter such an ambitious new play – a conspiracy thriller and murder mystery that manages the rare feat of being as intelligent as it’s entertaining …What a superb actor Suchet is, at once subtle and charismatic, and with a rare gift for discovering the humanity of the characters he plays.” “The Last Confession” is produced by Paul Elliott, Duncan C. Weldon and Liza McLean.It premiered at the Chich ester Festival Theatre in April 2007 and then transferred to London’s Wes t End in June of the same year.

Presented as part of the Mark Taper Forum subscription season, this Chich ester Festival Theatre production is also a bonus option to Ahmanson season ticket holders. Following the Los Angeles run, the tour will continue to Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney; Australia. Tickets for “The Last Confession” are currently available on subscription only.

For tickets and information, please call (213) 972 – 4444 or visit CenterTheatreGroup.org

May 022014

Jim McDonnell for sheriffHe’s the best candidate to lead the department through a rigorous and soul-searching reinvention. Los Angeles County voters are soon to pick a new sheriff from a field of seven candidates, each with a reasonably decent chance of making it to a runoff, and it’s hard to overstate both how unusual and how momentous that is. The last time L.A. saw a sheriff’s race like this, with no incumbent running and no single candidate so embraced by political kingmakers as to have a virtual lock on victory, this county’s sheriff fought crime by raising posses and galloping after outlaws in rural lairs like the Hollywood Hills. This new state of affairs, with voters rather than power brokers or the law enforcement establishment setting the Sheriff’s Department’s course, may turn out to be permanent. Or it may be a mere interlude in a long and continuing history of entrenched incumbency and unaccountability. Either way, the decision voters will make in the June 3 primary (and the Nov. 4 runoff, if no candidate emerges from the first round with more than half the vote) comes at a crucial time, culminating a period of rare public scrutiny of the Sheriff’s Department’s management, hiring, spending, internal discipline, candor and, especially, use of force against jail inmates and visitors. The election decision will have an impact for years to come.

The pivotal question before voters is whether they believe the department is emerging from a chaotic but limited period in which professional standards broke down, and that with Sheriff Lee Baca’s departure and the continuing implementation of reforms urged by a citizens commission, it is now well on its way to recovery; or if instead it is continuing on a decades-long path that promotes cliques, secrecy and abuse, and needs a sweeping and dramatic change in culture.

If it’s the former situation, as some of the candidates argue, all that is needed is the right candidate from the right departmental faction to complete a sweep of troublemakers and commit to better management of the jails, and all will be well.
But if the department’s problems are not that recent or simple — and the evidence is overwhelming that they are not — what is needed is a candidate with the law enforcement credentials, the integrity, the backbone and the skills to march the deputies, their leaders and their culture through a rigorous and soul-searching reinvention, all while raising performance standards and recommitting the department to transparency and humane and constitutional treatment of suspects, inmates and the public at large.
That latter standard is the bar a candidate should meet. The one who comes closest is Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell. The Times strongly recommends a vote for McDonnell for sheriff.

Is McDonnell as good as his reputation? Does he have the will, as well as the command presence, to confront and prevail over what is sure to be resistance from entrenched elements in the Sheriff’s Department?
The Times’ editorial page is convinced. His tenure as Long Beach police chief has been short but impressive. Before that, he was a highly regarded second in command to the Los Angeles police chief, and although he was not the most publicly visible or vocal leader of the Los Angeles Police Department during the era of Rampart reforms, his leadership during that time was unmistakable to those who closely follow the LAPD. His quick mind and thoughtful analysis were apparent as he sat on the county’s Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence that cut to the heart of problems in the Sheriff’s Department and recommended decisive corrective action.

It is also important to note his long relationship with community groups, including law enforcement critics. Repairing relationships between the Sheriff’s Department and the communities it serves must be a priority, not merely as a nice complement to strong leadership but as an essential component of it. McDonnell is noteworthy for his emphasis on respect — for the public and for the officers he leads.

Some sheriff’s deputies and leaders, and some candidates, argue that the department’s current situation is a far cry from the corrupt and abusive culture and the broken leadership that characterized the LAPD in the Rampart era. But they are wrong. Beyond the contempt shown to the people of Compton by conducting surveillance flyovers without telling them; beyond the weird sale of bulletproof vests to Cambodia; beyond the appalling hires of obviously unfit deputies from other departments; beyond the findings of race-based harassment in the Antelope Valley; beyond the staggering number of deputies arrested off duty (and in some cases on duty) for drunk driving; beyond the unfathomable cases of drugs smuggled into a jail (inside a burrito, no less), alleged fraud and weapons violations by deputies, and an inmate apparently being hidden from his FBI handlers, this is a department that for decades has been inadequate to the task of constitutional policing and jailing. It needs a reboot. It needs McDonnell.

Credit retired Cmdr. Robert Olmsted for his role in calling out abuse in the jails, but he is not the leader the department needs. Todd Rogers, especially, deserves notice for his commitment to community policing, and the integrity and professionalism he brings are badly needed in the department. But like other candidates, he need not hold the top spot to be part of the solution.

A note about candidate and former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka: His name comes up in virtually every report or interview about command breakdown and jail violence in the last five years of Baca’s tenure. His attempts to explain some of his stunning directives — for example, his admonition to deputies to work in the “gray area” of the law and his later explanation that he meant they should use their discretion — are laughable. He is exactly the wrong person to lead the Sheriff’s Department forward.
The right person is Jim McDonnell, and The Times urges a vote for him on June 3.

Copyright © 2014, Los Angeles Times

Apr 302014

Clippers Owner Donald Sterling  racist!Calling racist statements that were allegedly made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling “incredibly offensive,” President Obama says he is confident the NBA will resolve the controversy that erupted after was aired this weekend.
“I don’t think I have to interpret those statements for you; they kind of speak for themselves,” Obama said when he was asked about the recording during his visit to Malaysia Sunday. He added, “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk. And that’s what happened here.” The president also noted that the NBA has “an awful lot of African-American players. It’s steeped in African-American culture. And I suspect that the NBA is going to be deeply concerned in resolving this.” “Donald Sterling will not be receiving a lifetime achievement award from the LA Branch of the NAACP,” the civil rights organization says, echoing statements made on Meet the Press Sunday by NAACP Interim President and CEO Lorraine C. Miller.
Sterling had been in line to receive the award, the latest honor that was to come his way from the NAACP. In a , Miller said she is urging the Los Angeles branch of the organization to rescind the earlier awards, as well. On NBC’s , Miller appeared alongside longtime sportscaster Bryant Gumbel, who said, “I guess I’m surprised that anyone is surprised.” Gumbel said, “Donald Sterling’s racial history is on the record. It has cost him money. It cost him his reputation long before this.” Saying that “I’m kind of surprised that the NBA is being let off the hook on this,” Gumbel added, “David Stern and the NBA owners knew what kind of a man Donald Sterling was long before this.”

Our original post continues:

The NBA says it is investigating the audio recording to determine whether the man speaking on it is in fact Sterling. Commissioner Adam Silver said last night that the recording is “disturbing and offensive” and that the league hoped “to have this wrapped up in the next few days.”
As we reported Saturday, the recording is of a man and woman arguing about several things, particularly her sharing photos online that show her “associating with black people,” as the man puts it.
The recording was posted online by Friday night, sparking anger and controversy that derailed talk about this weekend’s NBA playoffs. Last night, the Clippers released a statement in which the organization didn’t outright deny that the voice on the recording belongs to Sterling. But the team says the views aired in the recording are “the antithesis” of who Sterling is.

Here’s part of the Clippers’ statement about the recording, via the :

“We do not know if it is legitimate or [if] it has been altered. We do know that the woman on the tape — who we believe released it to TMZ — is the defendant in a lawsuit brought by the Sterling family alleging that she embezzled more than $1.8 million, who told Mr. Sterling that she would ‘get even.’ ” The team says that Sterling is upset about the “sentiments attributed to him” and that he apologizes to anyone they offended — including Magic Johnson, who is mentioned by name in the recording when the man says, “don’t bring him to my games.” In discussing the controversy, President Obama talked about “the vestiges of discrimination” that are still present in America. And he said that in a sense, the outrage over the remarks is itself a sign of progress:

Writen by Bill Chappell  for NPR News

Apr 282014

George Clinton To Perform At Nokia Live In L.A.George Clinton is one of the foremost innovators of funk music, and was the mastermind behind the bands Parliament and Funkadelic. Clinton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 with15 other members of Parliament-Funkadelic. Clinton started his career with the Parliaments, a barbershop doo-wop ensemble, which scored a major hit with “I Wanna Testify” in 1967. Clinton then began experimenting with harmonies, melody, and rhythm, and taking cues from the psychedelic movement, forever setting himself apart from the Motown era. Clinton has become recognized as the godfather of modern urban music. Beats, loops, and samples of PFunk have appeared on albums by OutKast, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, De La Soul, Fishbone, and many others. As Clinton has said, “funk is the DNA of hip-hop and rap. Over the past decade, Clinton has continued to play sold-out shows across the globe, while a countless number of his songs have been licensed for film and television.
George Clinton & P-Funk All Stars, Cameo
May. 02 – 8:00 PM / Door Time: 7:00 PM
Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE · 777 Chick Hearn Ct · Los Angeles, CA 90015

Apr 242014

Falcon Theatre presents ABBAMEMNONFalcon Theatre presents Troubadour Theater Company’s ABBAMEMNON
Directed by Matt Walker
Previews begin June 6, 2014
OPENS Friday, June 13 at 8pm
April 24, 2014 Burbank, Falcon Theatre is proud to present Troubadour Theater Company’s ABBAMEMNON, directed by Matt Walker. Join us for a hysterical musical reimagining of the classic Greek tragedy Agamemnon, the sordid story of seduction and scheming, with the sweet Swedish sounds of the Seventies. In this irreverent Dancing Queen-filled romp, the Ovation Award-winning Troubadour Theater Company brings the noise, the funk, and the dysfunctional-family vibe to this masterwork of the Greek canon. Why does Cassandra’s S.O.S. plea to Take a Chance on Me fall on the deaf ears of the Elder Chorus? Will Clytemnestra’s plan to kill Agamemnon come to fruition and will The Winner Take All? Will the Watchman ever get to sleep and say I Have a Dream? Will Aegisthus be able to pronounce his own name at Waterloo? Bloody and bold, fierce and funny, this production by the masters of mayhem is sure to entertain and enlighten.