Jun 052017

Ariana Grande Makes America Proud

Ariana Grande’s star-studded benefit concert “One Love Manchester” was held in Manchester the day after the barbaric attack on the London Bridge and Borough Market.

Grande was joined by pop’s greatest stars: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Usher, Take That, Pharrell Williams and Niall Horan. In spite of wide spread fears following the latest terror attack in London and stringent security, 50,000 fans attended the “One Love Manchester” benefit concert.

The goal of the concert was to raise money for “We Love Manchester Emergency Fund” created by the Manchester City Council and the British Red Cross in support of victims and survivors of the May 22nd bombing. According to conflicting reports, the concert raised 3 to 9 million dollars, money that will help those affected by the terrorist attack in Manchester cope and – hopefully – recover.

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine wasn’t among Ariana Grande’s fans before the tragedy in Manchester. We are now.
The shock of the bombing right after her previous concert in Manchester must have traumatized her no less than her young fans. It must have been tough for Grande as an artist and entertainer to witness / know that her music-loving fans were attacked; that there were deaths and serious injuries. She could have dwelled on existential questions and wondered about the future. She could have chosen to hide and recover. But she didn’t.

The very young Ariana Grande acted with courage and dignity. She organized a benefit concert to help those affected. She returned to Manchester. She visited her fans in local hospitals and gave them comfort. She kept her end of the deal and found it in her to perform and raise much needed recovery funds. Ariana Grande makes America proud! Her actions in the aftermath of the Manchester tragedy were American and spoke volumes of who we are as a nation. She is so young and so mature! Here is to Ariana Grande a beautiful, compassionate human being and a true artist.

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