May 312017

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine Suspends White House News

Everybody knows Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine for its coverage of current news in Los Angeles, California, the White House, United States and occasionally, the world.

We went recently on a hiatus to re-think the direction of our magazine and here is what we concluded.

Los Angeles and California rule! Our City, State and their leadership are progressive. They stand for human rights, tolerance, consumer protection as well as social and economic justice. They are committed to environmental protection and delaying climate change. They insist on guarding our safety, health, justice and prosperity even at the risk of contradicting the federal government. Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine wholeheartedly supports Los Angeles’ and California’s direction and will continue reporting on Los Angeles, notable Angelenos and California.

The world experiences ups and downs. There are news, changes and yes, terrorists still wreck havoc, murder and maim innocent people. Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine will continue its coverage of world’s major news and will always stand in solidarity with democracies anywhere in the world.

United States news matter to us all and Anything L.A. will continue reporting on developments that have a nationwide impact.

As for the White House that runs the Country we all love: the current political climate doesn’t lend itself to objective coverage or objective commentary. As progressives we can’t – and don’t – condone the current direction of our Country. Quite frankly, if America continues being made great again at this pace, it may just implode and take us all with her….

As much as a hair color or body weight are – and should be – off limits, the lack of ethics, blatant conflicts of interest, perpetuating economic disparity, social injustice, lack of compassion, spreading “alternative facts”, political shortsightedness, lack of environmental responsibility and the diminishing authority of the United States in the world are not. And yet, in a Country whose Constitution grants the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, legitimate news reporting is referred to – by the White House – as “fake news”. Republican Greg Gianforte – who was charged with attacking a reporter while still a candidate – has nevertheless won the special election for Montana’s U.S. House seat. Hate crime is on the rise. Truth-tellers are being consistently ridiculed, demeaned and defamed by the White House, many Republican politicians and conservative voters. The phrase “I don’t trust the media” seems to have become a Republican mantra.

The truth is that no American patriot can maintain an objective perspective when our Country, its security, health, environment, prosperity and future are at stake. (It’s impossible not to react when the Country and people we love are in danger!) That’s why Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine suspends its White House news coverage and will from now on abstain as much as possible from reporting and commenting on POLITICAL developments in the White House, Washington D.C. and the United States at large until the direction of our Country changes.

Anything L.A. will continue championing progressive American values. To compensate for the lack of White House news coverage, we’ll expand other sections of our magazine.

The world maybe in a flux, our Country may have lost its way, but California and Los Angeles continue being true to American – or perhaps today, Californian – values.

Anything LA. Magazine stands with the majority of Angelenos who believe that future is forward. We hope that our wise readers – most of whom share our liberal / democratic views – will understand.