Sep 032016

FREE Composting Workshops

Say what?! Composting is a natural process of recycling that converts useless organic waste into a rich soil. It is a smart form of recycling that reduces waste while improving the quality of soil. There are several types of composting that involve different types of components from food scraps / leftovers to leaves and grass clippings.
Obviously, composting has many benefits, the main ones are: savings on soil enriching products and pesticides, improving soil water retention’s ability and growing better quality yard or garden.

Until recently, backyard composting was “black magic” to most Los Angeles residents, but now there are several opportunities available to learn the how-tos of trendy and green gardening, FREE!

Los Angeles City Sanitation Department holds free composting workshops in two facilities. According to Los Angeles City Sanitation Department’s Website ( there’ll be discounted compost bins ($20 each) for sale, too. Free mulch will be available at both locations: come prepared with your own container and shovel; don’t forget a proof of residence.

Location #1: Griffith Park Composting Facility at 5400 Griffith Park Drive
Free composting workshops take place on:
2nd Friday of the month
and 4th Saturday of the month
Phone: 213-485-2260

Location #2: Lopez Canyon Environmental Education Center at 11950 Lopez Canyon Road
Free composting workshops take place on:
3rd Friday of the month
2nd Saturday of the month
Phone: 213-485-0703

Schedule is subject to change due to weather, contact the respective facility to confirm that the workshop you’re planning to attend will take place as scheduled.

Los Angeles County Department Of Public Works holds free and smart workshops, too! There are Beginner Workshops and Advanced Workshops and plenty to learn during the 1.5 hour workshops. Smart Gardening, composting, drought-friendly plants…. All cool topics. The workshops take place in libraries, parks and schools but mostly in L.A. County’s 10 Learning Centers.

For the schedule of Los Angeles County Department Of Public Works’ gardening workshops, click here.

For locations of Los Angeles County Department Of Public Works’ Learning Centers, click here.

There really are free and available opportunities to go green! No more excuses, now we can actually start with our backyards and make a TANGIBLE contribution to the environmental movement. Hooray!