Mar 252017

Obamacare Remains The Law

Common sense along with pressure from constituents prevailed and the Affordable Care Act was NOT repealed. All Democrats and at least 10 Republicans (the latter figure varies from 10-15 according to reports) were ready to vote the new and not improved Republican healthcare bill down. To avoid the embarrassment of defeat, the bill was withdrawn from the House floor even before votes were cast.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said: “Obamacare is the law of the land. It’s going to remain the law of the land until it’s replaced.” Or not. A sigh of bipartisan relief was heard throughout the land….

The proposed Republican bill would have left 24 million Americans uninsured. The costs of health insurance would have risen sharply for all and for senior citizens in particular. It would have hurt badly women, families, those with chronic conditions and those who depend for their healthcare on Medicaid. The list goes on and on. Obamacare may use some improvement, but as President Trump has proven, a program that took years to develop can’t be “repealed and replaced” quickly and his proposed substitute was rejected by Americans who know that the job of any head of household is to provide for ALL household members, putting the most vulnerable, FIRST.

Hopefully, the President is learning from his latest failure: a country isn’t a corporation. The CEO of a corporation generates as much profit as possible for its shareholders at ANY cost. The responsibility of a president – in contrast – is to provide for all citizens, including the most vulnerable. Governing a country isn’t “The Art Of The Deal”, it involves conscience, compassion and some respect for the wisdom of the nation.

So far, the President isn’t making friends or influencing people. Our ally nations are confused about the intentions (and direction) of the United States. The President’s approval ratings are at a historic low. His legislative efforts (like the infamous travel ban or Obamacare “repeal and replace”) are failing. The President’s ignorance (NATO!) and predatory approach to economy (the Dakota Pipeline construction which is moving forward against so many protests) are on full display. His lavish spending of tax-payers money is raising eyebrows. His lack of fiscal foresight is shocking: between the unprecedented cost of the President’s weekends and security for his large family, his excessive spending on defense and the cost of building the wall – it is estimated to run into hundreds of billions of dollars! – has anyone familiar with the concept of a budget, terrified. His plans to cut programs for youth, the poor and the elderly outrage us all. His exaggerations, “alternative facts” and unsubstantiated allegations are making Americans nervous.

Let’s NOT make America great, again. Let’s preserve what we had just a few months ago. It seems not only better but wiser than the President Trump’s vision of the future. Definitions of ”greatness” vary. Our America won’t be great without education, with starving seniors, sick people without healthcare, with environmental destruction, hate crime, isolationism, increase in armament or without civil rights. This isn’t making America great again. The America we all know and love is threatened and disappearing in front of our eyes. Thanks God, Obamacare survived, for now….

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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