Jan 222017
Women’s March on Washington

Women’s March on Washington

On the day after the inauguration of President Trump America – and the world! – awakened.

There were no celebrations honoring President Trump. Millions of people have taken to the streets across America to speak up for women rights, human rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, Black Lives Matter, LGBT and transgender rights and many other rights threatened by the new President’s agenda.

Mass Protests In Texas

Mass Protests In Texas

The turnout was unbelievable. The Women’s March at the Washington Mall which planned on 200,000 participants attracted more than 500,000. Many planned marches became in-place demonstrations because the massive turnout left no place to march. Over 600 mass protests against President Trump’s values and anticipated policies took place throughout the world today.

The immediate reaction of President Trump? None. He didn’t address the protesters. Not on the street. Not via media. Not via Twitter. He attended a prayer service, spoke to CIA and bowled with his family in the White House. America first….

The good news: America is well and alive. Another good news, the world stands behind us: demonstrations in support of ours took place throughout Europe, Australia and other continents. More good news, we have artists and politicians who use the power of their celebrity for good.

The bad news: the leading theme of the marches and protests were cherished American values. The message: this is our wishlist. There is no concrete plan on how the wishlist should be implemented.

Final thought: where were all these good people on Election Day, the day before the election and on the day the election results were announced? There was time, opportunity and ways to express and assert our values effectively, take control over the issues and the Country we all hold dear. America awakened the day AFTER President Trump took the oath of office.

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada addressed President Trump in a tweet:
“….. America was already great and successful, then you happened!”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said:
“We must come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience.”

Let us NOT forget it: stay awake America!

Protests the day after 2017 Presidential Inauguration

Women’s March on Washington

Article by Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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