Aug 282016

Dream Wedding For A Cancer Patient

The wedding which took place in Brentwood was out of this world! The bride looked absolutely beautiful. The groom couldn’t stop smiling. The love that started 16 years earlier while both attended college was finally properly celebrated. And this couple had more to celebrate than most.

Archie De Asis and Tamara Santo Domingo, originally from the Los Angeles area and currently living in Las Vegas, have been together for 16 years and always intended to get married. Life got in their way.

They already had one child together, when Tamara pregnant with the second baby was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. They had to make a choice: save their baby or fight the advanced cancer. They chose the baby and delayed cancer treatment. Their joyous anticipation of the baby’s arrival was marred by nightmares of the cancer spreading. Archie feared that “I was going to lose her, or worse I was going to lose them both.”

The baby arrived without a scratch. Tamara Santo Domingo was able to get the much the needed treatment and because of the delay caused by pregnancy the treatment was very aggressive. She had to undergo a double mastectomy, lymph node removal, hysterectomy and chemotherapy which she continues to receive still.

Between the expenditures for a new baby and medical costs, the couple eager to get married now was unable to afford a wedding. They shared their story with a non-profit organization called Wish Upon A Wedding and lo and behold their wish was granted!

Archie De Asis and Tamara Santo Domingo wed at Mountain Gate Country Club in Brentwood surrounded by family and friends. Everything from the venue, food, flowers and dress (I’m certain, I omitted something of importance!) was donated. The ceremony and the wedding were grand and the memories will surely last a lifetime. (A wedding like theirs would cost over $50,000.)

The bride is still receiving chemotherapy but her prospects of recovery are good.

Tamara expressed her gratitude to Wish Upon A Wedding explaining that the wedding wouldn’t be possible without their generous support. On the happiest day of her life – her on-going battle with cancer not withstanding – Tamara said: “Look how blessed I am.”

Many blessings from Anything L.A. Magazine, too. We wish Tamara successful recovery and the newlyweds a future together as spectacular and happy as their wedding! Love conquers all!

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / E. Elrich