Apr 232017

Our Earth, Our Lives: NOT A Business

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide since 1970 and its goal every year is to raise public awareness of environmental protection and more recently, global warming.

The 2017 Earth Day celebration took the form of March for Science. In the United States, the largest March for Science took place on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Smaller marches took place in all 50 states and had a new urgency since the Trump administration’s policy denies the dangers of global warming, restricts research (and research sharing), cuts science budgets and severely limits the authority of EPA while supporting and promoting industries that contribute to environmental destruction and accelerate global warming.

The scientific community is traditionally apolitical, but because of the current political climate many highly-regarded scientists participated in this year’s March to emphasize the importance of science in our lives and our survival as specie.

While President Trump doesn’t seem to understand the urgency of environmental protection or the need to prevent / delay climate change, facts speak louder than any politician can. President Trump’s environmental policies threaten our air and water and long term, our lives.

It is in this context that we appreciate California’s and Los Angeles’ leadership even more. On the occasion of Earth Day, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said:

“Earth Day is a time to appreciate the beauty of the planet we call home, and a time to reflect on our mandate to clean the air we breathe, protect the water we drink, and preserve the health of the world we share with all of creation. That’s why our Sustainable City pLAn embraces environmental stewardship and justice as fundamental values that we fight for in Los Angeles — that’s why we’re going to keep fighting climate change by making our utility coal-free by 2025, restoring our river to its natural habitat, and working to open up more green space where our families can connect with nature.”

Well said, Mr. Mayor. Thank you for embracing science and protecting our city from environment-destroying and greed-driven policies.

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich




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