Mar 072017

Insanity Rules

This is a brief overview of national news. This time, draw your own conclusions: are we moving forward or is the America we all love disappearing?

President Trump cast wire-tapping accusations on President Obama. Obama dismissed them as nonsense. James Brien “Jim” Comey, Jr., the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation asked the Justice Department to publicly refute President Trump’s accusations.

A new version of the travel ban has been introduced. This version doesn’t mention religion (or “Islamic terrorists”) but specifies all the same countries, with the notable exception of Iraq. (We’ll remember forever an interview with an Iraqi general – taped during the original travel ban – in which the general said that Iraqi soldiers don’t know whether to treat the American support forces as allies or enemies…)

While the new and “improved” travel ban is in, an Afghan family was detained at LAX in spite of their special visas. (The husband worked for the American military in Afghanistan for 10 years. The family was relocating to the United States in the face of death threats.) The husband, wife and three small children were kept in detention for several days instead of welcomed as heroes. American gratitude leaves plenty to be desired. No comment from the White House.

Another hate crime against a Sikh, this time in Washington State. The second Indian man was killed by a masked person demanding the Sikh leave the Country of which he was a citizen… (The first Sikh killed in an act of hate crime was a computer specialist on a work visa but perceived as a “Muslim terrorist”.) No comment from the White House on either case.

Obamacare replacement is being gradually introduced. There’ll be health insurance for all… who can afford it. No comment from the White House.

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich




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