Mar 082017
L.A. Congratulates Mayor Garcetti On His Re-Election

Mayor Garcetti Re-Elected! Photo property of the Mayor’s office.

Los Angeles 42nd Mayor Eric Garcetti won the Tuesday (03/07/2017) election by a landslide! Not all votes have been counted yet, but those that have been indicate that our Mayor won over 80% of the vote, leaving other contenders in the dust and setting a new Los Angeles mayoral popularity record.

Just like the president of the United States, the city mayor serves a 4 year term. Because of the upcoming change in the electoral calendar – beginning in 2020 all elections: federal, state and city will take place at the same time – Mayor Garcetti’s new term will last longer than usual: five and half years.

(Some members of Los Angeles City government, City Attorney Mike Feuer, Controller Ron Galperin and Councilman Bob Blumenfield have been re-elected virtually without opposition. Most of other local politicians faced newcomers vying for their seats, still it is expected that the majority will retain their offices.)

Like the majority of Angelenos, Mayor Eric Garcetti is a liberal democrat. Even so, he faced some criticism from democrats for his less than forceful stance against the immigration policies of President Trump and for not declaring Los Angeles a “sanctuary city”. The overwhelming majority of Angelenos however appreciate Mayor Garcetti’s numerous achievements in the areas of economy, affordable housing, his efforts to combat homelessness and improving mass transportation.

The latest and overwhelming electoral victory of Mayor Garcetti might serve him well beyond Los Angeles, too. Being re-elected in a landslide will help ensure his future on California’s – and perhaps even, national – political scene.

Anything L.A. Magazine congratulates Mayor Garcetti on his SPECTACULAR re-election victory! Good for the Mayor! Good for Los Angeles! Angelenos look forward to five and half more years of prosperity, safety and DEMOCRACY in Los Angeles.

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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