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Travel Ban, Voter Rolls, Women And Media


Highlights of an eventful week: from the President’s attack on Mika Brzezinski to the fake video in which he pummels CNN reporter


It’s been yet another eventful week, the Republican – and atrocious! – healthcare plan not withstanding:

The still unconstitutional but revised travel ban went into effect. The latest version – partially approved by the Supreme Court – is supposed to keep us safe at the cost of separating families from their grandparents and discriminating against refugees from extreme Islamism who – having been granted political asylum years ago – made America their home. Refugees from extreme Islamism – many of whom are American citizens for a generation or two – are our best allies in the war against terror. Treating them like “terrorists” is counterproductive, to say the least.

The federal government requested that States turn over their voter rolls to confirm the President’s unfounded belief that dead people and illegal aliens cast fraudulent votes for Hillary Clinton during the last Presidential Election and he – President Trump – has in fact received the majority of legitimate votes. Several States – including California – denied the request. While many people glanced over the news, those familiar with history – and the fact that it tends to repeat itself! – were alarmed. Voter rolls contain detailed, personally identifiable information, including the political affiliation of every voter. Sharing such information could potentially facilitate the re-birth of McCarthyism and blacklisting…. (Incidentally, no significant evidence of voter fraud in 2016 Presidential Election was reported by any State.)

As if the above wasn’t disturbing enough, President Trump grows ever more outrageous on Twitter.

First, the President took aim at Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC’s weekday Morning Joe. Just as he’s tried with Megyn Kelly (former corporate attorney, and currently, a journalist and political commentator), President Trump attempted to discredit Brzezinski’s intellect (she is a visiting fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics in the Harvard Kennedy School of Government), demean her as a person and humiliate her as a woman. Predictably, the President’s behavior drew outrage and criticism from both sides of the aisle.

President Trump’s contempt for the media in general was further emphasized in a “doctored” video he released in which he “makes believe” to knock-out a CNN reporter. The President posted the fake video on his Twitter account. Since we have witnessed how President Trump’s inflammatory speeches incite white extremist violence, the video doesn’t bode well for American journalists. (Let’s not forget that the responsibility of journalists is to inform the public. Not that long ago, while American youth was protesting against the federal government, two journalists saved the Country from a “corrupt” president. They used their investigative reporting skills to provide evidence of his wrong-doing. The massive protests didn’t save us. Two journalists did.) Journalism is any country’s last line of defense from a corrupt / abusive government….

Finally, on Sunday the latest protests took place in Los Angeles. President Trump’s supporters and a larger group speaking for the majority of Angelenos took to the streets. Among the creative signs carried by the marchers were: “Make America SANE, again.” and “Impeach Trump: Make America great, again.”

And how was YOUR week?

With the 4th of July approaching, we wish you a happy and restful holiday. As for the celebration of our Independence many are worried (see the tweets below) that it is being threatened as we speak…



Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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Shame on us

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Why are we standing idly by while our morals, norms - not to mention, ideals - are being publicly violated?! Is this some lousy production of Emperor's New Clothes? We can all see that the "emperor" is naked and no one enjoys the view. Let's reign in the rampant insanity already. Enough.

At what point do we draw a line?

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The vast majority of Americans is sane. We know that we are on the wrong course. There is no need to persist in error. Let's stop the insanity now before any more harm is done. Children are watching!