Jul 162017

The Inappropriate Trumps

The puzzling question for today is the meaning of the word “inappropriate”. According to Dictionary.com inappropriate means: “not appropriate; not proper or suitable: an inappropriate dress for the occasion.”

As far as I know, if you make a stain on my floor, refer to Grandma as “the old witch”, call Doctor Smith Bob or wear flip-flops on a visit to the White House that’s inappropriate.

When Southern California City of Bell officials enriched themselves unjustly they were charged with corruption and sent to prison. When individuals holding public offices – in California and elsewhere in the United States – were found to generate personal revenue by granting favors for profit, accepting bribes, or otherwise benefiting from the public offices they held, they weren’t rebuked for being “inappropriate”. They too faced criminal charges and were sent to prison.
When the President’s private businesses are booming – in large part because he is the President! – that’s not illegal, merely “inappropriate”.

Changing the subject, if John Doe held a meeting with a Russian government’s lawyer who – benevolently, of course! – wanted to support his pursuit of happiness and the FBI got wind of it, John Doe would be charged with a number of federal offenses including, at the very least: terrorism, espionage and treason and would undoubtedly be convicted and sent to a federal prison for a VERY long time. When Donald Trump Jr. has such a meeting – the character and intent of which as well as his enthusiastic reaction to its promise are clearly reflected in the emails he released this week – his behavior is described as “inappropriate”?!

(Can you believe that having complimented the then-California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris for being “the best-looking attorney general”, President Obama was criticized for being “inappropriate”? Compare the “inappropriateness” of complimenting a beautiful woman with President Trump’s “grab them by the p…” or Donald Trump Jr.’s – and others in current administration – secret meetings with Russians!)

In conclusion, what’s disturbingly INAPPROPRIATE is that by all appearances we are NOT equal under the law. Some are clearly above it.

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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We are not talking about manners here but lives of millions of Americans and the future of our children. Let's start calling things by their real name and take care of business. America can't be destroyed by one egomaniac.