Sep 052016


Student (K-8 and 9-12) TAP Card
Student (K-8 and 9-12) 30-Day Pass – $24
Student (K-8 and 9-12) Single One-Way Fare – $1

Just in time for the new school year Metro unrolls discounted fares for students. New rates for tickets, Tap Cards and Metro Passes.

To obtain a K-12 Student TAP Card, submit a completed application, with required documentation.
Get an application online:

Once you receive your new TAP card in the mail, you have three fare payment options:

  • If you ride every day, load your card with a Student 30-Day Pass ($24) at selected schools or any Metro Pass Sales locations. You’ll get unlimited rides for 30 consecutive days.
  • If you ride occasionally, load your card with some cash; each time you board and tap, it will deduct a reduced one-way fare of $1 (bus or rail) from your card balance.
  • If you prefer, just tap your unloaded card on the farebox when you board (bus only) and pay the reduced one-way cash fare of $1.

Students in grades 9-12 are required to have a valid photo ID or school ID to purchase fare or ride with a Student TAP card. Complete instructions and requirements are included on each application.

For additional information about reduced fare programs, call the Metro Reduced Fare office at 213.680.0054.

With questions call:
Metro Reduced Fare Office
Monday – Friday 8 am to 4 pm