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Vin Scully Los Angeles Voice

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67 years?! Vin Scully, a sportscaster and beloved play-by-play announcer of the Los Angeles Dodgers is hanging up the mike after 67 years.

Instantly recognizable for his smooth voice, Vin Scully had an impressive career as a national sportscaster on CBS Radio and NBC TV. He called the All-Star Game and World Series games. He also called NFL games and yes, even tennis and golf competitions.

His talent and work earned Vin Scully numerous recognitions, but here in Los Angeles we consider him “ours”. And Los Angeles did – and does – express its love for Scully. This year, in honor of his final season with the Dodgers, Los Angeles City Council renamed Elysian Park Ave. to Vin Scully Ave. and the address of Dodger Stadium will forever be 100 Vin Scully Ave. Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti bestowed on Scully the Key To The City. Following the last Dodgers’ game called by Scully this Sunday, each member of L.A. Dodgers, one by one, tipped his helmet to him…

There are many voices and many sportscasters out there. Vin Scully distinguished himself by announcing Dodgers’ games solo, without a partner at the mike. It was Vin and the individual listener, one-on-one, without a third party chiming in. This was Scully’s true magic, the ability to develop a connection with each listener. One of the reasons we are all eager to pay a tribute to Vin Scully is that he had us all believe we are his friends.

After the final Dodgers’ game he called, Vin Scully said: “I needed you far more than you needed me.” It is impolite to disagree, but Vin should know that he isn’t underestimated. He was the soundtrack of our lives. In a chaotic world, Vin Scully was the warm, familiar voice reassuring several generations of Angelenos that all is well in the world. We love you Vin Scully!

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / E. Elrich


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